The Prophet

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"The Prophet" is a collection of prose poems written and published by Khalil Gibran in 1923. Many different themes are included in the work. The text, in fact, speaks of spirit, nature, mind and other topics related to the nature of man. The main protagonist of the book is called Almustafa (the chosen one of God). He has been in the city of Orphalese for some time, but, necessarily, soon comes the time to return to his country of origin. Almustafa in that city has spent 12 years of his life and since his arrival, has been considered by many locals as a spiritual guide, a kind of prophet. In the last days of his stay, however, he begins to speak even more deeply about various issues of human existence: love, marriage, children, but also joy, freedom, action, passion, crime , good and evil, passion, death. The work is characterized by a pleasantly poetic language, but is also compelling, interesting and leads the reader to ask many questions and to reflect on the complexity of existence.