The Secret Of Jewish Prosperity

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There are three pillars forming the prosperity triangle:
- Emotional and physical balance;
- Balanced and financial freedom;
- Living your purpose in life.
As with an equilateral triangle, each one of the pillars has the same weight and importance to be worked equally to generate the expected results.
Thus, the proposal of the book "The Secret of Jewish Prosperity", by Rabbi Dor Leon Attar, does not present itself as a manual with ready-made formulas for success, but invites introspection and personal analysis as a way to obtain better results in the future.
During this work, R. Dor Leon explains how to achieve the so-desired balance in life. Furthermore, it demystifies some beliefs about Jewish wealth, talking about how to manage money strategically in order to always prosper, making it clear that achieving this goal requires persistence and hard work. Furthermore, behind the financial question there is a question of being.
Understanding the objectives, being grateful, knowing how to forgive and being a good person are subjects explored by the author.
"Understand that we are 'co-creators' of our reality. The form we will be, and who we will become, is in our hands", declares R. Dor Leon Attar.