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Tafelberg Book Chat: The Dao of Daniel by Lodewyk G du Plessis ft Tan Twan Eng



The Dao of Daniel by Lodewyk G du Plessis, translated by Michiel Heyns, was launched at Exclusive Books V&A in Cape Town. The author was in conversation with Tan Twan Eng. This is a recording of that discussion. About the book: Daan van der Walt, a Latin-quoting, God-fearing former Kalahari farmer, visits his estranged son in China for the first time. When he has a vertigo attack soon after his arrival, his son drops him off at a Buddhist monastery. Under the guidance of Master Yang, an obstreperous Daan is made to practise Tai Chi to recover his balance, both physically and spiritually. He soon finds himself on a difficult path (the Dao of the title) to come to terms with his feelings of remorse and guilt. He sets out to write his Historia, or confessions, in the form of letters to his deceased wife and imaginary observations to his beloved dog. An unusual, often very funny, novel whose fields of reference include Roman and Greek mythology, Christian theology, Chinese history and Daoism. The Dao of Daniel