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Tafelberg Book Chat: Midlife Money Makeover



At a recent brunch event, Kim Potgieter motivated and inspired guests with the story of her financial journey and easy hints and tips to start you on the road to your financial freedom. The recording was made at Exclusive Books Cavendish in Claremont, Cape Town. About the book: Your life's second chapter is a chance to create your best life. This cannot be left to chance. Is it time for a money makeover? Kim Potgieter is a leading authority on holistic financial planning. She has helped hundreds of clients put money in its right place – making sure it enables them to live the life they really want, one filled with inspiration and meaning. She is going to guide you through a radical relook at your life, and your money to become the best modern elder you can be. Order your copy of Midlife Money Makeover from leading bookstores or online. More details on our website: https://www.nb.co.za/en/view-book/?id=9780624092094 Music credit: "Changing World" by Ketsha from Free Music Archive https://freemusicarchiv