Sell Or Die With Jeffrey Gitomer And Jennifer Gluckow

Pulling Back the Curtain on Our Prime Customers



This episode came from a deep dive of our CRM, Pipedrive, (check it out here) and the data about our best and highest paying customers.  We go over what seperates these customers including:  - The first question I always ask at the beginning an any meeting - The connection points that build high value relationships  - Creating efficient notes on sales calls and how we do it at Gitomer (because most companies just don't do it)  - The KEY information you need to be documenting to actually lead to sales    Don't forget to try our extended free trial & 20% off Pipedrive here   How We Can Help You Close More Deals: Gitomer Books and Courses Here Sales Mastery Program Here Gitomer Sales Certification Here Speaking and Events Here Custom Sales Processes and Scripts Here