Dirt City Limits

No. 27: The Mind Maps of Mitchell Lawler



"'Cause we make it look so easy when we play at these shows," Mitchell Lawler raps on his latest single, Open and Close, with Conch. Effortlessness, of course, is merely an illusion. As Lawler will tell you, it's a product of years of hard work, self-reflection and a constant push to better yourself. On this episode of Dirt City Limits, the 21-year-old Edmonton rapper talks about the ins and outs of his creative process, his career path, and the cultural politics of race in hip-hop. WARNING: Some four-letter words were used in this podcast. Listen to Open and Close: https://soundcloud.com/mitchelllawler/mitchell-lawler-conch-open-and-close Stream/download Lawler's mix tapes, Rookie of the Year and New History: https://mitchelllawler.bandcamp.com/ Check out his 2014 single, Conehead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z33aJJqZrec Photo by: Aspen Zettel.