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Audiences learn about your work, then what's it like for them to learn more, to support your work. If you offer a variety of products how do they find the one they need in this moment? UX Mindset for artists has two distinct and useful concerns: Making your work findable, purchasable, useful, and usable Including the audience in the work itself This episode continues the UX Mindset series! Related Links and Resources Introduction to the UX Mindset Series UX Mindset for Business UX Mindset for Software Engineering UX Mindset for Designers Art Soundoff — Lean Into Art Rob's Products and Ways to Support the Polytechnicast Get Guitar Fretter, an action puzzle that makes a game of memorizing the note positions on a guitar. Available on iOS, Android, Windows 10, and MacOS! Features 4 or 5 string bass, 6 or 7 string guitar, multiple