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WGP 034: The Truth About Cancer – Misperception



In this podcast I'll be exploring the light side to Cancer: I’ll explain how there’s always a flip side to every situation I’ll talk about 3 negative sides to cancer that can be turned into positives Finally, I’ll give the 3 most important steps anyone dealing with cancer needs to follow before healing can begin CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN This is the final part of a 3-part series I’ve been doing on cancer. In the previous episode I talked about what cancer is: a miscommunication between your healthy and abnormal cells. I also explored many factors contributing to this miscommunication and worked out it was because we as a species are living against the natural order of things and that we’re surrounded by and participate in activities that are not allowing our community of cells to communicate effectively. I also talked about how to heal from cancer following the 7 Holistic Health Principles that bring you back in alignment with Mother Nature and the Universe. On to the fina