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WGP 036: Greed – How Intense Desire Creates Suffering



In this podcast I'll be exploring Greed: I’ll explain how greed can be a good thing I’ll talk about where this wanting and grasping and craving for more comes from I’ll explain the link between greed and unhealthy attachments I’ll talk about how greed creates dissatisfaction through expectation Finally, I’ll share a few strategies on how to manage yourself when it comes to greed and your desires CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN Greed is defined as an intense or excessive desire for more. Looking at greed from an evolutionary lens, our ancestors lived in times of both abundance and scarcity and greed comes in very handy in those scarce moments. When traditional cultures did not have enough food put aside for the winter or had their villages wiped out by natural disasters or disease these are times when you need to have a very intense desire to survive as your life depends on it. Coming back to today to modern times where if you’re fortunate enough to be listening to this podcast