In this podcast I'll be exploring how to Heal Broken Relationships: I’ll explain the major reason relationships fall apart I’ll talk about why people relate so poorly to themselves and to one another I’ll explain how 3 words can heal any relationship Finally, I’ll give an exercise on how to use these 3 words to heal broken relationships in your life CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN Relationships are part of being alive. If you’re not relating you’re not living. Technically the first relationship you’re in is with your own bodymind. Your bodymind is made up of trillions of cells living in harmony with each other. This massive community of cells are in constant communication with one another and build and maintain healthy relationships with each other. From the day you’re conceived into this world to the day you will leave this world you are in constant communication with your bodymind and must build and maintain this relationship throughout your lifetime. The healthier your relat