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WGP 044: Universal Lessons in Film – Selfless-Connection



In this podcast I'll be exploring another Universal Life Lesson found in Motion Pictures: I’ll explain how other people can act as Universal signs and lessons I’ll talk about a few movies that deliver the same universal message Finally, I’ll share how you can apply this universal teaching to your life CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN This is part 3, the final of a 3-part series I’ve been doing on universal lessons taught in film. In part 1 I talked about believing in yourself. In part 2 I talked about accepting your past and accepting who you are now. Before I get into the final set of films and life lesson I’ll talk a bit more about reading signs from the Universe. The Universe speaks to you in many ways giving you signposts in different forms, signs that tell you which direction your life should be moving toward. One of these universal signs is other people. The world is full of kind, generous, and awesome people. But the world also has many annoying, hateful, jerks. Now I woul