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WGP 047: Epigenetics – How Your Environment and Beliefs Control Your Genes



In this podcast I'll be exploring Epigenetics: I’ll explain the difference between genetics and epigenetics I’ll talk about how your environment impacts the activation and expression of your genes Finally, I’ll give a few holistic tips on how to activate and express health-boosting and life-affirming genes CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST HEALING FOODS FOR YOUR GUT The study of how genes control life is called genetics. Genetic looks at genetic differences, mutations, heredity, and of course of lot of today’s genetic research looks into genetic diseases. Genetics and the study of genes is a very important and valid science, but the belief behind genetics is outdated old-school thinking and that belief is that genes control life. This belief came from the hypothesis that there is a gene for every protein. The more complex an organism, the more cells and proteins there are, the more genes there would be. That was the idea. This idea turns out to be incorrect. The Human Genome Project, which started back