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WGP 048: Obesity – It’s Your Hormones, Not the Calories



In this podcast I'll be exploring Obesity: I’ll explain why obesity is a disease and also a major hidden cause of other diseases I’ll talk about the difference between being obese and being overweight I’ll explain how obesity is caused by hormonal imbalances and not by eating too many calories Finally, I’ll give you a few holistic lifestyle strategies to reduce obesity, regain health, and feel awesome in your own skin CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FAT BURNING FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN It’s no secret. The world today has a lot more fat and sick people than there were 150 years ago. Seeing an obese person way back in the day meant having to visit a carnival or circus that’s how rare obesity was. Unfortunately today you just got to walk outside or turn on the tele and you’ll see excessively large people everywhere. Since the 1980s obesity rates have doubled. Hmm, I wonder what happened in the 80s? Ah that’s right the low fat recommendation from the American health authorities. Good one guys. Today this m