In this podcast I'll be exploring Love: I’ll explain some of the ideas, the emotions, and actions of human love I’ll talk about universal love and its absolute nature Finally, I’ll give one loving practise you can use to transform any thought, word, or deed into an expression of love CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS THAT WILL BRING MORE LOVE INTO YOUR LIFE Love is a word with many many meanings. Thinking about love is not the same as feeling love and they are not the same as acting out of and being love. The ideology behind love or the way most people think about love is that it is an emotion that creates a bond and a connection between two beings. The bond between a parent and its offspring, or the bond between a plant and the soil, and even the bond between the Sun and the Earth, these connections and relationships between different forms of life can be considered love. The idea of human love usually brings up images of intimate romantic partnerships between two people. But there’s also family