Heal Thy Self CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER THE BEST FOODS TO SUPPORT SELF-HEALING This may sound revolutionary But we must go back to our evolutionary history To uncover human health mysteries To discover the truth behind pain To see the pleasure that can rain Down upon your body treasure and turn sickness Around back to health to feel full of abundance And wealth to find amongst us true love That shines bright like the sun above Which moves the entire night into day And from the dark comes this spiritual haze It lifts and expands Its spiritual gaze Toward you, by you, through you, and now from you This Spirit you wonder is what's wondering you This soul you ponder is what's pondering you This energy you seek is what's seeking you This pain you bother is what's bothering you This pleasure you miss is what's missing you This life you live is what's living you And this love that you are is what is loving you Don't forget your ancestral past Their power now lives within you, it will forever last You are the product of