Karen Chee | K-Pod | Ep. 5



Writer-performer Karen Chee is a rising star in the comedy world and the youngest member of the writing staff of Late Night with Seth Meyers. A 2017 graduate of Harvard, she’s known for smart, quirky humor that’s unafraid to take on issues of gender, race and politics. Thanks to the recurring segment “What Does Karen Know?” she’s also known for her millennial ignorance of fax machines and Nirvana. Karen tells Catherine and Juliana about her childhood as a “square” (she only watched PBS and C-Span), her early ambitions to be a political speechwriter and how she got her first big gig, writing jokes for Sandra Oh at the Golden Globes. Follow Karen Chee on Twitter and Instagram @karencheee. Hosts: Juliana Sohn @juliana_sohn and Catherine Hong @catherinehong100 Executive Producer: Hj Lee Producer: Kevin Park Editor: AJ Valente. Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/X-Wt4uaNO9w