Jenny Kwak | K-Pod | Ep. 9



Jenny Kwak put Korean food on the map when she opened the restaurant Dok Suni in New York's East Village in 1992 when she was just 19.  Later, she opened a second successful restaurant, Do Hwa, where Quentin Tarantino was famously an investor. Catherine and Juliana catch up with the pioneering chef-restaurateur at her new Brooklyn restaurant, Haenyeo, where she’s flexing her creativity with dishes like cajun-inflected dduk boki. Jenny talks about her thwarted plans to be a painter; the rollicking early days of Dok Suni; her ambivalence about celebrity chef culture and her close relationship with her mom (who still keeps her kimchi recipe a secret, even from Jenny). Follow Haenyeo @haenyeobk and Jenny Kwak @jennyk.bk on Instagram. Hosts: Juliana Sohn @juliana_sohn and Catherine Hong @catherinehong100 Executive Producer: Hj Lee Producer: Kevin Park Editor: Aj Valente. Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/bd6haUYcmDM