Behind The Veil Podcast

The Importance of Therapy with guest Dr. Bettina Lozzi-Toscano - Episode 14 - Season 1



Drumroll please!  Our sit down conversation with the Behind The Veil first official guest Dr. Bettina Lozzi-Toscano popularly known as “Dr.B”, left use enriched. We started off first getting to know Dr.B and we discovered she was once the quiet angry teen that constantly observed the world around her. And her eyes had so much to say. Dr. B sat down with us to discuss precious information for couples getting married. In our time together, Dr.B focused on combining families, gender specific realities, emotional health and periodic check ins. You can find out more about Dr.B’s philosophy and private practice in West Kendall at The better you get at being healthy for yourself, the way better you’ll be in the relationships that matter to you. - Dr. Bettina Lozzi-Toscano