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Returning To The Crossroads | WebPreach With Your Host Dan Roller



We-re in a new year. All things from 2015 are behind us now, and we have once again returned to the Cross Roads. We have an excuse and a chance to start all over again, start new, and give this year to the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him King and Lord of our lives once and for all, with all that we have.----No more wavering back and forth like a ship tossed out on a sea. No more lukewarmness like the hypocrites, but standing firm on the foundations that are provided in the Word of God and resisting the desires of the flesh.--The time has come for us to stand against sin and if that means we have to stand alone in this world then that-s what it means.----We have the Holy Ghost of God that we are sealed with and Jesus said he would never forsake us. Although the enemy would like to make us feel like we-re alone, we are not- There is a Heavenly Host that is encamped around the Saints of God-