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When The Devil Gets In



Through out the ages of time we hear that this person or that person who was once enlightened to the truths of God and a born again follower of Jesus Christ has slipped back into sin and has chosen to turn their back on God and His ways. The trials of life and the deserts of darkness that we-re prone to walk through can be the most catastrophic test that measures the balance of our faith and our personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven. The temptations of this world are so desirous and strong that the mightiest of men have proven themselves to be overcome by them and their disastrous results have condemned then to an eternal separation from God. Compromise to sin is the norm for the modern day Christian. You-ll have to dig deep and search far and wide for a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ. The message of repentance and the call to be holy as the Lord our God is holy is offensive and absurd to the modern day Christian. Picking up our cross and actually following the