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Cole Sprouse on Lisa Frankenstein, child stardom, and death threats + New music from The Strumbellas



Cole Sprouse (Riverdale, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) started acting when he was just a baby. As a kid, he got his big break when he and his twin brother Dylan landed a Disney show called “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.” At 18, Cole decided to retire from acting — but he later returned to star in the massively popular teen drama series “Riverdale.” Now, at age 31, he’s one of the biggest celebrities in the world and taking on his most challenging role yet as a zombie in the new Diablo Cody film “Lisa Frankenstein.” Cole tells Tom why he was happy to get a role where he doesn’t have to speak, what he remembers from his time as a child actor, and why getting death threats doesn't faze him anymore. Plus, if a band loses its lead singer, that usually means the end of the band — but not for The Strumbellas. Dave and Jimmy from the band drop by to introduce a song off their new album, “Part Time Believer,” and chat with Tom about keeping an act alive when the frontman changes.