Four Hours Of Fury: The Untold Story Of World War Ii's Largest Airborne Invasion And The Final Push Into Nazi Germany

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In this viscerally exciting account, a paratrooper-turned-historian reveals the details of World War II’s largest airborne operation—one that dropped 17,000 Allied paratroopers deep into the heart of Nazi Germany.

On the morning of March 24, 1945, more than two thousand Allied aircraft droned through a cloudless sky toward Germany. Escorted by swarms of darting fighters, the armada of transport planes carried 17,000 troops to be dropped, via parachute and glider, on the far banks of the Rhine River. Four hours later, after what was the war’s largest airdrop, all major objectives had been seized. The invasion smashed Germany’s last line of defense and gutted Hitler’s war machine; the war in Europe ended less than two months later.

Four Hours of Fury follows the 17th Airborne Division as they prepare for Operation Varsity, a campaign that would rival Normandy in scale and become one of the most successful and important of the war. Even as the Third Reich began to implode, it was vital for Allied troops to have direct access into Germany to guarantee victory—the 17th Airborne secured that bridgehead over the River Rhine. And yet their story has until now been relegated to history’s footnotes.

Reminiscent of A Bridge Too Far and Masters of the Air, Four Hours of Furydoes for the 17th Airborne what Band of Brothers did for the 101st. It is a captivating, action-packed tale of heroism and triumph spotlighting one of World War II’s most under-chronicled and dangerous operations.


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  • 003 FourHoursOfFury Part1 Ch1 WhereInTheHellIsEverybodyAt

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  • 010 FourHoursOfFury Ch8 SecretDestinations

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  • 011 FourHoursOfFury Ch9 SatanicPlanOfAnnihilation

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  • 016 FourHoursOfFury Ch14 NowIsWhenYouPray

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  • 017 FourHoursOfFury Ch15 IShallFearNoEvil

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  • 018 FourHoursOfFury Ch16 AreTheyGoingToShootUsNow

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  • 019 FourHoursOfFury Ch17 AVeryDirtyBusiness

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  • 020 FourHoursOfFury Ch18 WeHadLuckWithUs

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