Always By My Side: Life Lessons From Millie And All The Dogs I've Loved

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The editor-in-chief of Guideposts magazine shares the “heartfelt, honest, lovely” (New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz) story of Millie, his beloved golden retriever, and how she taught him to be a more compassionate person, deepened his faith, and inspired him on his long-term path of recovery from addiction—with a foreword by Debbie Macomber.

From the moment his new golden retriever puppy jumped into his arms, Edward Grinnan and his wife, Julee, were in love with her. Edward didn’t know it yet, but Millie would change his life.

In this moving memoir, Edward Grinnan writes about his life with Millie—from their first joyous meeting through her struggle with cancer. Edward shares how her sensitivity, unconditional love, and innate goodness helped him discover those qualities in himself and put his complicated past in perspective.

Edward also shares the lessons he has learned from other dogs he’s loved—like Pete, a poodle his father bought him in the wake of his brother’s death; Rudy, who introduced him to his wife; Sally Browne, a mischievous cocker spaniel who befriended the homeless in his neighborhood; and Marty, a hundred-pound Labrador whose behavioral issues challenged his and Julee’s marriage—as well as lessons he’s learned from the celebrated dog stories in Guideposts magazine.

Poignant and insightful, Always By My Side is an inspiring book that explores the unbreakable bond between man and dog, revealing how faith shapes our love for our dogs, and how our dogs shape our faith.


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