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Sermons from the college Ministry at Johnsonferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Ga


  • Jesus the Eternal Word and Light - Audio

    04/12/2013 Duration: 1628h00s

    Jesus has always been God's light to us in the dark. This week we look at how the creation account foreshadows Jesus' coming.

  • When We Realize We're Dying - Audio

    13/11/2013 Duration: 1538h00s

    Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament will forever change the way we read the New Testament. Jesus likens Himself to the serpent Moses lifted up in the desert...the question is why that comparison?

  • What if Jesus Doesn’t Heal You? - Audio

    27/10/2013 Duration: 1931h00s

    Moses was commanded to put tassels on the corners of the Jewish robes. We seek to find where Jesus fits into this Old Testament command.

  • Paul's impromptu sermon- Acts 13 - Audio

    14/02/2011 Duration: 2498h00s

    Paul takes an opportunity and preaches to a group of Jews and gentiles in a synagogue and blows the doors off.

  • When You Fast - Audio

    17/01/2011 Duration: 1888h00s

    Fasting is not optional in the Scriptures and this message takes us on a journey to finding a practical way to fast in order to ask God for personal revival and spiritual awakening in our world

  • Various Thoughts on Dating and Marriage - Audio

    13/01/2011 Duration: 3142h00s

    The Bible doesn't teach dating but we live in an attraction based system so this message is a look at various passages of Scripture to try and find some of God's instructions in dating

  • Finishing What We Started - Audio

    25/10/2010 Duration: 1721h00s

    A talk about the reality of the world we live in and where things are going. Not the most up-lifting talk ever but a true picture of how things really are supplemented with some thoughts from Yvon Chouinard's philosophy on life from his company, Patagonia. The conclusion is a take action not take cover mentality that hopefully will spur you on to make the most out the life God has given you.

  • Thoughts on stuff - Audio

    13/10/2010 Duration: 1616h00s

    Paul's final instructions to Timothy his young protege on church life and personal life.

  • What's a Girl to Do? Women in the Church - Audio

    14/09/2010 Duration: 2294h00s

    This message takes a controversial look at what is a woman's role in the life of the church according to Paul's instructions to Timothy. ...

  • Prayer...a few thoughts from 1 Timothy - Audio

    07/09/2010 Duration: 1387h00s

    Here's a short talk on 1 Timothy 2:1-8. The main question is, "does prayer change things or does it change our attitude to line it up with God's plans?" This is not an exhaustive answer to the question but a good place to start with the application of praying for our leaders in the US to come to Jesus and follow Him.

  • Swagga-Real men - Audio

    31/08/2010 Duration: 1651h00s

    A look at the life of Joseph and some of the qualities he had that made him a man to try and be like.

  • Running Hard: Hebrews 12 - Audio

    25/08/2010 Duration: 1684h00s

    Message from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church 8/1/10

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