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Sermons from the college Ministry at Johnsonferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Ga


  • Jesus Does: What is the Gospel Really? - Audio

    24/10/2016 Duration: 1955h00s

    What comes to mind when you think of the Gospel? What about when you think of God? We my need a paradigm shift in how we think about the Lord and what He does.

  • Jesus Is: What do you boast in? - Audio

    24/10/2016 Duration: 2322h00s

    Paul says that he counts everything a loss except for knowing Jesus in Philippians 3. So, what is the difference between knowing God and knowing about God?

  • Race and Diversity - Audio

    22/09/2016 Duration: 2727h00s

    This sermon from Thomas is a Biblical view of race and diversity in the world, and how the Church should act and react in the midst of racial tension.

  • Three Thoughts I Find Imperative to Understanding God and a Fourth I find Amazing - Audio

    30/08/2016 Duration: 2115h00s

    This week we take a page from the books of wisdom and look at 4 essentials of understanding God. What is Sabbath? Is baptism essential for salvation? What is intercessory prayer? What does the love of God sound like? Grab your Bible and a pen as we answer these questions though the Scriptures and personal testimony.

  • Things That Go Bump In The Night Pt. 3 - Audio

    25/08/2016 Duration: 2060h00s

    In part 3 of the series "Things That Go Bump In The Night" we take a practical look at how we inadvertently invite evil spirits into our lives, and ways to avoid oppression by these spirits. Can people be raised from the dead? Can I be possessed by evil spirits? Listen in to find out.

  • Things That Go Bump In The Night Pt. 2 - Audio

    17/08/2016 Duration: 2506h00s

    Do evil spirits really have territories under their command? Can they hinder my prayers being answered, and even control governments? Listen in to part 2 of the series "Things That Go Bump In The Night" to find out what The Scriptures have to say.

  • Things That Go Bump In The Night Pt. 1 - Audio

    10/08/2016 Duration: 2525h00s

    Do the dead roam the earth? Can spirits really haunt a place? How strong are demons? Are there more than 3 dimensions? These questions and more will be answered through the Scriptures in this series on the supernatural. This week, in part 1 we look at Angels, Demons, and how they move among us even when we can't see them. We also look at demonic influence in world religions such as Islam and Mormonism, as well as some "Christian" churches.

  • Self-Contained Pt. 2 - Audio

    26/10/2014 Duration: 1667h00s

    What is moralistic therapeutic deism? How does this idea really play into how most Christians view faith? How does this effect the rest of America? We take a look at all of these questions in the second part of the Self-Contained series.

  • Self-Contained Pt. 1 - Audio

    19/10/2014 Duration: 2149h00s

    What does it mean to say the church has become self contained? The church as a whole seems to have a skewed view of the individual Christian's role in sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus. This is the intro to our current series on what it means to say that the church is Self-Contained. If we are called to Go to the nations in Matthew 28, why do we live so often in our 'holy huddle'?

  • The beginnings of a healthy relationship pt.3 - Audio

    29/06/2014 Duration: 1936h00s

    This week we look at the connection between Ruth, Moses, The 10 Commandments, Pentecost, and Shavuot. Through this, we see how impeccable the Lord's timing is when we seek him with all that we have.

  • The beginnings of a healthy relationship Pt. 2 - Audio

    22/06/2014 Duration: 1999h00s

    This week we take a closer look at the responsibilities and behaviors of a man and a women as they seek to enter into a relationship that is built around Jesus.

  • The beginnings of a healthy relationship Pt.1 - Audio

    15/06/2014 Duration: 1896h00s

    Here we look at one of the only Biblical models for dating and relationships. We look at the role the man and the women plays in the process.

  • Is Making Fun of Bald Men a Sin? - Audio

    18/05/2014 Duration: 1984h00s

    This week we look at the story of Elisha and the young workers who jeered at him after cleansing the waters of Jericho. What does this story mean? How does it apply to me?

  • God Has Not Forgotten You - Audio

    11/05/2014 Duration: 1984h00s

    Even though we're crippled and broken, The Lord still invites us to sit at his table even as we fall short over and over again.

  • Lesson on Forgiveness - Audio

    04/05/2014 Duration: 1984h00s

    Forgiveness can be hard, but can we see God's grace in the Old Testament narrative?

  • Ecclesiastes Part II - Audio

    26/02/2014 Duration: 1688h00s

    Some awesome things that will never make us happy.

  • Why should we Fast? - Audio

    07/02/2014 Duration: 1797h00s

    Why is it so important that fasting be a spiritual discipline for believers? What is it about abstaining from neccesary nourishment for a short time that is so powerful?

  • Spiritual Disciplines: Part III Prayer - Audio

    20/01/2014 Duration: 1260h00s

    This week we look at the discipline of prayer. Prayer is often a hard discipline to practice. So who prayed in scripture, and how did they pray? Why is the forgiveness of sin vital to prayer?

  • Spiritual Disciplines: Part 2 of Getting in THE Book - Audio

    16/01/2014 Duration: 2293h00s

    This week we look at how much we need to be in Scripture. Without time in the Word we are completely unaware of who we are supposed to be through Christ.

  • The Inauthentic Nativity - Audio

    17/12/2013 Duration: 1939h00s

    This week we look at how far our picture of Jesus' first night on earth is from what scripture tells us.

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