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  • Coronavirus: Is it reckless for the Premier League to play games in front of crowds?

    09/03/2020 Duration: 34min

    While the outbreak of coronavirus has been causing havoc with sporting fixtures around the globe, the Premier League is pushing ahead with business as usual. Nothing brings people together quite like football... and that could be a major problem at this moment in time, no?  Support the pod

  • Arsenal's loss to Olympiacos represents nadir of a lacklustre season

    04/03/2020 Duration: 34min

    Paul is joined with Andrew Mangan of Arseblog!  The two chat about all things Arsenal related and answer the question: is it tougher to support the U.S. men's national team or Arsenal?    Support the pod

  • Manchester City sink Aston Villa to win third successive dumb EFL cup

    02/03/2020 Duration: 33min

    Manchester City were in control against Aston Villa through goals from Sergio Aguero and Rodri, but Mbwana Samatta struck back for Dean Smith’s side and they almost forced extra-time. Oh well, it's not like the ELF cup means anything. Also, Mike gets oddly sick.  Support the pod

  • Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza wants to get back into football professionally after murdering his girlfriend

    27/02/2020 Duration: 01min

    Actual fucking psychopath Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza, the Brazilian goalkeeper who hired a hit man to torture and kill his girlfriend, is trying to make a comeback after seven years in jail. Should he be allowed to play professionally?  GET THE FULL EPISODE

  • Is Bruno Fernandes the new Paul Scholes for Manchester United?

    24/02/2020 Duration: 34min

    Mike and Paul are live at the first ever EPLpoddy Awards at The Waverly Hotel in downtown Toronto. Outside of the awards, Mike and Paul chat about Arsenal's big win over Everton, United's thumping of Watford, and City's winning ways over Leicester. A big thanks to everyone who voted!  Support the pod

  • Manchester City's Gabriel Jesus couldn't score in a whore house

    20/02/2020 Duration: 01min

    Manchester City's Gabriel Jesus missed three golden opportunities to score, yet City still managed to dust aside soggy old West Ham. Liverpool lose away against Atlético Madrid as Spurs fail to win at home against RB Leipzig. Paul calls it quits on his Amazon reselling experiment.  Download the full episode here. 

  • Lance Armstrong, 1919 Chicago White Soxs, and now, Manchester City

    16/02/2020 Duration: 34min

    Not only are Manchester City cheaters, but they are increasingly defiant in the wake of the club’s two-year UEFA Champions League ban. City is telling players and their agents that the Champions League ban will be overturned. But will it be? Mike and Paul discuss. 

  • Bournemouth's Dan Gosling is a crybaby for tattling on Jon Moss

    13/02/2020 Duration: 02min

    Ref Jonathan Moss and Bournemouth's Dan Gosling will face no action from the Premier League. Additionally, the Football Association also decide to take no action following the game at Bramall Lane where Moss apparently told Gosling, 'you're still in the relegation zone', 'you're having one', 'your team's having one'. OH NO, DAN! DID THE NASTY MAN WITH THE WHISTLE SAY SOMETHING MEAN? POOR DAN!   Listen to the full episode

  • Hack comedian Dele Alli bombs so hard

    10/02/2020 Duration: 28min

    Dele Alli has apologized for a video posted on his Snapchat account in which the Tottenham midfielder appeared to mock an Asian man and joke about the coronavirus outbreak. Funny stuff, eh.... Ugh. Deli Alli, folks! He's here all week. Try the beef.  Support the pod

  • Which Premier League player would you like to get super wasted with?

    06/02/2020 Duration: 02min

    The title is pretty self explanatory, no? Well, we talked about that, as well as the FA Cup, a possible Premier League only streaming service and a bunch of other cool shit too. Trust us. It was pretty cool. Download the full episode here. 

  • Liverpool? No, the real story is at the bottom of the Premier League

    03/02/2020 Duration: 32min

    As Liverpool march on to their first title in 30 years, Mike reminds the listeners that the more interesting narrative to this season can be found at the bottom of the English Premier League.  1. Support the pod

  • Manchester United win the battle, but lose the war against Manchester City

    30/01/2020 Duration: 02min

    Manchester United beat City away but end up going out of the EFL Cup; Aston Villa book their place in the final as they took down Leicester. Paul starts an Amazon reselling business.  Get the full episode here

  • Kobe Bryant, rest in peace

    27/01/2020 Duration: 31min

    The Rossoneri have lost a member of their family and the sporting world has lost a legend, RIP to one of greats, Kobe Bryant. Support the pod

  • Manchester United have wasted £840 million on players post Sir Alex Ferguson 

    23/01/2020 Duration: 01min

    Mike and Paul breakdown each signing Manchester United have made post-Sir Alex. Also discussed is David Luiz's red card against his former club, the great Newcastle come from behind, and how to properly dispose of a dead body, yet again. Thanks Florian Lejeune for tarnishing our once great and scholarly minds. Get the full episode here by supporting the pod

  • Liverpool go SIXTEEN points clear at the top of the Premier League

    19/01/2020 Duration: 32min

    Liverpool brush aside the only club that has taken points from them this season, that being Manchester United, as they win 2-0 at home. Sir Ben and Mike discuss the fates of these two historic clubs.  Support EPLpod

  • Roberto Firmino finds Jesus Christ in private pool

    16/01/2020 Duration: 02min

    Liverpool FC forward Roberto Firmino gets baptized in his own private pool, Manchester City allegedly fly in 15 Instagram models to party with them after thrashing Aston Villa, Manchester United end all hopes of FA Cup glory for Wolves. Download the episode here. We'd love for you to support the pod. 

  • Liverpool undefeated in 38 league games now, shit

    13/01/2020 Duration: 41min

    It's a Sir Ben episode! Obviously, we're going to have to talk about Liverpool continuing to absolutely smash the prem, setting a new points record. What else? City DESTROYS poor old Aston Villa. Oh yeah, The Legend calls in from a health and wellness centre.  Support EPLpod  

  • Manchester City beat Manchester United to a bloody pulp

    09/01/2020 Duration: 01min

    Mike here, I've taken no joy in writing this headline, but it's the truth. Manchester City dismantled Manchester United and frankly, it was extremely difficult to watch. We talked about that mauling as well as a bunch of other matches. DOWNLOAD THE FULL POD

  • Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, and now Zlatan Ibrahimović

    06/01/2020 Duration: 32min

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic's statue in Sweden has been toppled with the ankles sawn off on Sunday. With the statue being taken down by a mob, Zlatan joins the likes of other nefarious characters from history whom had their images defaced such Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Saddam Hussein, and Joseph Stalin. Mike and Paul discuss.  SUPPORT EPLPOD

  • Shut up already, Jose Mourinho!

    02/01/2020 Duration: 02min

    José Mourinho called one of Southampton’s backroom staff “an idiot”, accused the St Mary’s ballboys of being coached to waste time, said VAR should be rebranded, and took a shit on Ndombele. Shut up already, Jose Mourinho.  Download the full episode here. 

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