The Gates Of Troy

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War is coming – and nothing can stop it...Settled in his small island kingdom, Odysseus wants nothing more than to rule Ithaca in peace. Meanwhile, his warrior friend Eperitus, frustrated at his quiet life, dreams of glory in battle.But when Agamemnon’s fleet appears on the horizon, Odysseus knows that war is upon him. A Trojan prince has abducted Helen of Sparta, and the armies of Greece are gathering.As the greatest heroes flock to the crusade, only one is missing. Odysseus knows that without Achilles, the gates of Troy will never fall. He must use all his cunning to hunt him down and persuade him to join their cause...From the Greek islands to the fearsome walls of Troy, this is a novel of pulse-racing battle and intrigue, perfect for readers of George R.R. Martin, Conn Iggulden and those who enjoyed Stephen Fry's Troy. ‘It has suspense, treachery, and bone-crunching action... It will leave fans of the genre eagerly awaiting the rest of the series’ Times Literary Supplement.‘This is a must read for those who enjoy good old epic battles, chilling death scenes and the extravagance of ancient Greece’ Lifestyle Magazine. ‘The reader does not need to be classicist to enjoy this epic and stirring tale. It makes a great novel’ Historical Novels Review


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