B. J. Harrison Reads Rothschild's Fiddle

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Yakov Ivanov is a seventy-year-old coffin maker and fiddler who hates Jews. Rothschild is a poor Jewish flautist, who plays in the village orchestra. When Yakov’s wife, Martha, becomes seriously ill he starts building her coffin in preparation for the worst. Unfortunately, the fiddler’s fears become true when his wife dies and he sinks into a deep depression. Rothschild pays Yakov a friendly visit, but what happens is not pleasant at all for the poor Jew.How is the violinist’s life going to change after his wife’s death? What will happen with Rothschild when he pays the visit to Yakov? What will actually happen with the old coffin maker at the end of this story?This short story about poorness, hatred and grief was written and published in 1894.