Part Of The Rainbow

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In this witty and colorful tale, Mia arrives at the first day of school and is shocked to her green whiskers by what she experiences there and how it would change her life forever!
Kids start understanding prejudice by the time they're 3 years old. They can distinguish between physical traits--hair color, height, weight, etc.--even earlier.
Nearly one-fourth of students report being harassed or bullied on school property because of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. Don't let your children deal with this by themselves.
Here's what readers are already saying about this amazing picture book:
*****(5*) "What a lovely little book this is. The author has a fantastic way of putting over to the reader/child that not everyone is the same in this world/country/school. It is very well written in rhyme which children like to be read to in this manner. A great teaching book without even knowing you are teaching your child. I love the fact it is dad and daughter as well. The illustrations are brilliant. A definite 5 star read." - sallyann
*****(5*) "Part of the Rainbow is a great book to gently teach children about diversity and differences. The look of main character Mia some of the illustrations and the rhyming text reminded me of Dr. Seuss." - Reader Mom
*****(5*) "I enjoyed this short book. After I read it, I kept thinking that adults can even learn from it. I got a kick out of the clever and brightly colored illustrations these are good for small children as they will catch their attention and imagination. I like that it encourages creativity and when done with a parent or a sibling, it has the potential to foster bonding." - Susan M.
*****(5*) "I just read this book to my two grand kids, ages 4 and 8. They both loved it. This book brings out differences in all children and then shows just how fun it can be to be so different. Because in the end, everyone comes together and all is well. Nice Job. Love this book!" - Patsy