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Join award-winning Business Strategist and Global Project Manager Bianca Robinson in this space weekly where she will discuss business, parenthood, marriage, and the most randomness of things that occur in her life daily. According To Bianca Podcast is for those that rock to the beat of their own drum set when it comes to defining their definition of success regardless of what social media has deemed as successful. She’ll also interview some cool people and add them to the mix of the weekly rotation so that you don’t get tired of just listening to her. Use #accordingtobianca hashtag to keep the conversation going in these online streets. Follow Bianca on Instagram @thebiancaexperience Have a topic you want her to discuss? Email


  • Episode #5 - Mastering Your Skill Sets

    22/01/2020 Duration: 15min

    Mastering Your Skill Sets   In this podcast, we talk about mastering your skill sets and attracting the right kind of customers for your business. It is important to define your success by your own standards and vision and not by what society dictates. By doing so, you have to know and master what it is you do best in order to provide products and services that others could benefit from too.   In this podcast, we also cover:   3:02    Creating and showing up 4:00    Being a Business and Project Manager 5:37    Speeding up the entrepreneurial beat 9:29     Learning different skill sets 10:55   Going to different events and conventions   You have to do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do. Just because you are not in the position right now where you want to be that doesn't mean it will be like that forever!   You have to grow where you are placed and learn the most out of every opportunity given so that when the time comes, and it will, you will be the best for it.   Having trouble with slee

  • Episode #4 - AUDACITY: Believing your truth

    15/01/2020 Duration: 20min

    AUDACITY: Believing your truth   With a new year comes fresh perspectives and great motivation. In this podcast, join me as I welcome 2020 with opening arms and a new motto on how I want to be.  My one word for this year is 'AUDACITY'. That's right, I have the audacity to be the person I intended to be. I have the willingness to make bold decisions and to put myself and dreams first.     In this podcast, we also discuss:   4:44    Looking at things differently 6:06    What my truth is 7:31    Being present for the right type of people 11:12   One thing you are grateful for

  • Episode #3 - Transitions: Respecting Your Growth

    01/11/2019 Duration: 33min

    Title: Transitions: Respecting Your Growth   In this podcast, we talk about the constant transitions we undergo in our businesses. We dive more into discussing what it is you truly like to do and create and respecting your growth throughout the journey. At times, we find ourselves no longer passionate and interested with the vision we started with and we start to question what is wrong with ourselves? NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU!   It takes a lot of change your perspectives, plans the course of action, and to now finally lands where you want from mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.  Then, you may think you've landed your dream job or dream business and now that you have it you no longer want it.    I’ve been there and this episode will help you transition   RESPECT MY GROWTH...   In this podcast, we also covered:   04:05    the first business I started  11:08     how I became so good with resume writing  13:47     understanding the value of your operations 19:36     free and free works 27:57   

  • Episode #2: Business Hack: Your Negotiables and Non-negotiables

    22/10/2019 Duration: 10min

    Episode #2: Business Hack: Your Negotiables and Non-negotiables   Uncut and unfiltered reality about entrepreneurship, relationships, and parenthood with your host, Bianca Robertson.   In this podcast, we talked about our negotiables and non-negotiables. The list could be short, limited to a few priorities, or it could belong, depending on your preferences and principles. Bring clear about your rules in life, stop you from wavering everytime someone threatens you with what you do and stand for. It helps in business, too, especially when you find yourself in a position where you only give and give without having that generosity reciprocated.   Inside this episode you will hear:   03: 48 what you bring into the table 04:35 being clear about your non-negotiables 06:28 being upfront and committed 08:33 wisely spending your energy 09:05 the art of saying no   As a life/business hack, our negotiables and non-negotiables in business and our interrelationships can make our break our projects and intimate bonds with o

  • Episode #1 - Being A Good Wife Setting Your Own Definition

    03/10/2019 Duration: 11min

    Episode #1 - Being A Good Wife Is Setting Your Own Definition   How do you define being a good wife? Based on the standards of society, a good wife can cook, clean, does the laundry and work with the kids. However, it is not always like that in other family set-ups. The dynamic can be varied and at times can be quite the opposite. So in those settings, a question pops whether one is still a good wife? Or does that make you a bad one? Let’s dive into that. In this podcast, I talked about setting your own definition of being a good wife. In simple ideology, just because society tells us that a wife should cook, clean and do the laundry, doesn’t mean you should. I mean, you could cook if you want to, but should you? That should be an option, a choice. Because without that choice, it will end up becoming a routine that would eat up your time and identity. Thus saying. doing so should be because YOU WANTED TO; that you want to do it in the first place. And it should not be a responsibility that’s put solely on the