Off Brand Podcast



Off Brand is a podcast based out of the Gold Coast, Australia, hosted by Dave Lydiard and Kiel Tillman. Each episode we throw back a few frosty bevs and speak with a guest or two about the things that happen off the artboard. The passion projects, the experiments, the strange jobs and the other weird pursuits creatives find themselves delving into. We want to go beyond the everyday work of our guests and look into the less serious, more passionate side of creative life.


  • OBP 1.4 | James Martin - Logo Design, BabyGiant Design Co & Sharing Knowledge

    13/05/2020 Duration: 01h15s

    All the way from the UK, James Martin joins us to talk about Baby Giant Design Co., his logo design process and newly launched YouTube channel, plus a special bonus segment on how he goes about shoo’ing bees out of his studio on nice days.  ---James on Instagram - Giant Design Co. -

  • OBP 1.3 | Jesse Wright - Honey Bones Gallery, Wrestling & Manifesting

    18/03/2020 Duration: 47min

    Melbourne-based mural artist and illustrator Jesse Wright joins us for his 26th cuppa of the morning and good 'ol chat. We get into his recently-launched gallery and workspace, Honey Bones Gallery, murals, working for Japanese wrestlers and a smidge about manifesting your goals among many other tangents. ---Jesse on Instagram - @jeswriHoney Bones Gallery on Instagram - @honeybonesgalleryAce on Instagram (Jesse's dog) - @staffydingo

  • OBP 1.2 | Madeline Rawlings - DIY Fashion, The Essentials Club & Home Renovations

    27/02/2020 Duration: 54min

    Gold Coast brand and graphic designer Madeline Rawlings joins us for a cuppa and chinwag. We find out about her DIY projects, video blogging process, house renovations and how she manages to maintain a good work/passion/life balance. ---Madeline on Instagram - @madthelineThe Binding on Instagram - @the.bindingThe Essentials Club on Instagram - @theessentialsclub

  • OBP 1.1 | Craig Black - Mental Health, Public Speaking & Creative Inverclyde

    17/11/2019 Duration: 01h08min

    Graphic designer, lettering artist and typographer Craig Black joins for a chat about his mental health routine, how public speaking has lead to crazy opportunities and his role as Co-Founder and Creative Director of Creative Inverclyde — a social enterprise aimed at utilising the creative sector to be the nucleus for positive social change across Inverclyde and Scotland.---Craig on Instagram - @_CraigBlackCraig’s website - craigblackdesign.comCreative Inverclyde - @creativeinverclyde