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Gill Gordon Smith (Fall From Grace) & James Hook (DJ's Growers) explore the wine scene around them. Based in McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek & The Adelaide Hills of Australia, but venturing worldwide when the opportunity allows.


  • Vineyard Walk in Langhorne Creek

    15/12/2020 Duration: 17min

    Berry set is key to harvesting a good crop. It isn't always a smooth process. Local grape growers and viticultural agronomists gathered to look at trial work and research. These are the audio highlights and interviews from the Crop Walk looking at Berry Set. Glenburnie Vineyard, Step Rd, Langhorne Creek. December 2020.Organised and supported by Wine Australia and Langhorne Creek Grape & Wine Inc.

  • (Wine) Love in the time of Corona...

    20/03/2020 Duration: 08min

    James Hook (DJ's Growers) and Gill Gordon Smith (Fall From Grace) have a message for those in the wine community both near and far. The global wine industry faces an unknown future in the wake of COVID-19. Wineries pivot, offering specials, virtual tastings, free deliveries and we try to "keep our chins up". Look after yourself.

  • Road to Recovery 2 (Fires in Australia Pt 2)

    24/01/2020 Duration: 10min

    James Hook from DJs Growers is joined by Gill Gordon-Smith from Fall From Grace discussing Bushfires and how thats affected Vintage 2020 in Australia.

  • Road to Recovery

    03/01/2020 Duration: 13min

    In which James Hook from DJ's Growers is joined by Gill Gordon Smith (Fall From Grace) to discuss bushfires in Australian wine regions, and recovery efforts.PIRSA relief industry -

  • Antmusic

    27/11/2019 Duration: 14min

    What can grape producers learn from other farmers? How is IPM being used? Agronomist Sam Freeman (DJ's Growers) discusses using predatory insects to control pests - with James Hook.

  • Some Like It Hot... Others Sweat When The Heat Is On

    08/08/2019 Duration: 18min

    In which Gill and James discuss how a changing climate is influencing fine wine around the world.If the climate changes too much does it signal doom & gloom for your favourite fine wines?Specifically they talk about Corvina in Valpolicella Amarone production, Chardonnay in Chablis, Pinot Noir in Burgundy & Shiraz and Grenache in South Australia.For another view read an article by Andrew Graham @ OZWINEREVIEW: here: