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4th & Inches is the premier Miami Dolphins show for fans that don't take life too seriously. Season 2 is HERE! Find us on Twitter @4thAndInchesNFL - WARNING: NSFW, Adults Only


  • Inches to Inches, Dust to Dust | Inches & Company

    08/07/2021 Duration: 15min

    Mike and Tone can be dead all they want. Vero can't be stopped, and this time @BallsOnFleek AKA Lil' Phin Bayless AKA Chris dropped by to lend a hand/ball. Slacking time is over. Show time is here. ANOTHER fresh sackload of Inches & Company is about to ooze into your ears. 

  • Tua These Nuts | The Blowhole Report

    06/07/2021 Duration: 23min

    Nemmy and Vero catch up and shoot the breeze on this Tua heavy episode of The Blowhole Report.  

  • Ain't Dead Yet | Inches & Company

    28/06/2021 Duration: 30min

    Just when you thought we had all died and wouldn't be putting out any content in the month of June, BAM! Lisa, Sara, and Vero aren't dead, they took the time on Sunday to welcome our old friend Antwan Staley to the channel for a offseason dead zone check-in on this edition of Inches & Company. They talked about all sorts of crap. You should probably listen, because there's no way you're doing anything more important with your life. 

  • Lisa & Jenni Join the Crew! | The Blowhole Report

    24/05/2021 Duration: 21min

    At long last, the other two new female Inches hosts join the channel on this episode of The Blowhole Report. Lisa made her Inches debut and Jennifer is back for the third time, and the girls brought the heat! Stay tuned for more episodes of the ONLY predominantly female Miami Dolphins talk, so excuse us while we break this ground and shatter this glass ceiling! 

  • Inches Channel Finds a New Home | 2 Inches, Vol. III

    14/05/2021 Duration: 27min

    Welp, our old server at Podcasts.com broke... You can still listen to all previous episodes from the channel at this link, but we lost the ability to upload new content. So welcome to the new Inches Channel hosted by Anchor! --- Mike and Vero linked up for a show on May 2nd, but you never heard it because the server fritzed out... So here's that:  Not This Again (Mike Returns) | 2 Inches, Vol. III Mike returns to the channel after a long hiatus...There was no shortage of laughs as the Disgusting Duo roasted Tone like a thanksgiving turkey for not answering their calls. They also discuss the 2021 NFL Draft and their clothing preferences while doing a number two. You really don't want to miss this episode of 2 Inches.  (Make sure you re-subscribe to this new channel, so new episodes will be delivered to your notifications!)