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  • 10. Who I Was and Who I Am

    20/05/2019 Duration: 01h03min

    On this episode, I talk to Jurell Fajardo. He shares his experience in starting up his own following on twitch as well as his testimony. Heartbreak and life lessons are central in this episode as we expound on the sacrifices to one's self and how that can help you grow! --- Support this podcast:

  • 9. Eventually It Stops Hurting

    13/05/2019 Duration: 15min

    On this episode, Founder Paul Ochieng reflects on the benefits of pain and how it encourages you to grow. Paul speaks about the requirements needed from one's self in order to continue growth and avoid decline in whatever area you may be struggling with.  --- Support this podcast:

  • 8. Finally Fulfilled - Hannah Mbungu

    06/05/2019 Duration: 58min

    On this episode, I talk to Hannah about her life journey and how she got to where she is today. Hannah shares about how she did not know what her true purpose in life was and shares about the journey to that destination as well as truly understanding who she is because she finally became fulfilled. She also shares about her fight against becoming a teacher on a remote island and the pull that ultimately led her to her calling in that field! --- Support this podcast:

  • 7. Who is the Test Maker? - Dr. Kyle Rice Part 2

    29/04/2019 Duration: 26min

    On this episode, we continue talking with Dr. Kyle Rice. If you want to know how to guarantee amazing success and results on your exams, Dr. Rice shares some of his tips that can push you to win! --- Support this podcast:

  • 6. Define Failure - Dr. Kyle Rice Part 1

    22/04/2019 Duration: 50min

    On this episode, we talk to Dr. Kyle Rice about the obstacles he faced growing up and what it took to overcome his testing anxiety that started in his childhood. Dr. Rice shares about how he was able to confidently build a system that not only led him to score a perfect 800 on his NPTE board exam, but how he has taken that skill and system and taught it to other aspiring students so that they too could do the same! You don't want to miss this episode! --- Support this podcast:

  • 5. Pushing Past My Limits - Dr. Danielle McDonald

    15/04/2019 Duration: 27min

    On this episode, we look back at an interview with then student physical therapist and now Dr. Danielle McDonald as she shared her life story. In particular, she speaks about being the kid who loved learning and made it her mission to pass with flying colours in all her endeavours. Danielle speaks about pushing past her limits and what it took to reach where she is today. --- Support this podcast:

  • 4. Heart Break and Hurricanes - Gideon Nyakundi Part 2

    08/04/2019 Duration: 51min

    On this episode we continue our conversation and dig deeper into how heart break truly affected Gideon on his journey and what it was like to be stuck on an island in the middle of a hurricane.  --- Support this podcast:

  • 3. Finding Purpose & Blessings in Disguise - Gideon Nyakundi Part 1

    01/04/2019 Duration: 47min

    On this episode, I had the opportunity to talk with Gideon Nyakundi about finding purpose and how it applied to his life as well as the blessings in disguise that ultimately led to him attending medical school.  --- Support this podcast:

  • 2. Training Your Mindset: Why winning the moment matters

    18/10/2018 Duration: 15min

    Co-founder Paul sits down to discuss on the topic of training your mindset and why winning the moment matters. He digs into what it takes to win when establish successful habits. --- Support this podcast:

  • 1. Dr. Chanelle Yoder

    17/10/2018 Duration: 01h01min

    We sit down with Dr. Chanelle Yoder as she opens up and shares her story of struggle. Buckle in and get ready to hear the story of your life!! One of the things that makes Chanelle AMAZING isn't just her story but how she's essentially become bullet proof. The journey she went through not only gave her the strength to share her experience, but to do so in a way that presents complete vulnerability. Chanelle truly exemplifies what it means to walk through the fire and come out on the other side stronger and fireproof! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast: