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Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur is a podcast in an audio diary format that shares my experiences as I attempt to Learn to be a Food Entrepreneur.In this series I will share my successes and failures as I learn, work on projects, and experiment with creating a food company. If you have any questions, suggestions or information please feel free to reach out! Instagram: @LearningtobeafoodentrepreneurEmail: learningtobeafoodentrepreneur@gmail.com Become a supporter of this podcast:https://anchor.fm/learningtobeafoodentrepreneur/support


  • Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur Season 2 Episode 1

    09/06/2021 Duration: 14min

    It has been a year and a half since Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur season 1 ended. During season 1 I wanted to start exploring my path as an entrepreneur, but did not know exactly where to begin. I decided to fill my days with what ever tasks I could, and researched cryptocurrency in an attempt to start gathering equipment I might need for a food business. At the end of season 1, I was headed to The Local Food Center in Missouri to learn more about what it took to run a food business. Season 2 is a four part series all about my experience at The Local Food Center during 2018. You'll hear about the challenges I faced, what I learned, what I built, my successes and my failures. In this first episode I give you an introduction to what the Local Food Center was, and what I was doing when I arrived. I tell you how I spent my time learning about my surroundings, the manufacturing equipment, the products we were manufacturing, and how the products were distributed. I also tell you about the inspiration behind

  • Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur Episode 8 (2017 & Season 1 End)

    01/01/2020 Duration: 11min

    Hello, I wanted to address that I am a few days later than I'd like to be with this post. I recorded this episode as episode 9, but when I started uploading the podcasts I ended up combining episode 6 and 7 into episode 6 pt.1 and 6 pt. 2. That is why this is 'Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur Episode 8' and not episode 9 .  In This Episode There were a ton of updates in this episode that I briefly go over. First and foremost I updated my sound equipment! If you think the pop filter and mic stand helped the quality of the podcast please let me know! Besides the equipment update there were 7 things I wanted to talk about: My first (failed) experiment making Kombucha My experience volunteering at New Roots in Louisville Kentucky. I volunteered at 1 event, went to 1 meeting, and volunteered 1 other time. I started taking photos around Louisville. I now have a ton of photos on my hard drive and am always looking to grow my image portfolio.  I met with someone to talk cryptocurrency & block

  • Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur Episode 7

    01/12/2019 Duration: 13min

    In Episode 7 of Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur, I talk about experimenting with making Lacto-fermented pickles and performing some market research. I was really interested in learning about lacto-fermented pickles because I had been reading some articles about the potential benefits that lacto-fermented foods may have on gut health. So I decided the way I wanted to explore and learn more about lacto-fermented pickles was to make them myself. To do this, I split my approach into three categories - Formulation, Manufacturing, and Market Research. Initial formulation was primarily comprised of finding a recipe, tweaking the recipe, and finding the variety of pickling cucumber.  Manufacturing (at an extremely small scale - a couple of jars at a time) involved writing down detailed explanations on how to make the pickles. This included, washing the jars, how many pickling cucumbers went into a jar, how long to boil the brine I wanted to use, how long I needed to store the pickles in brine at room tempera

  • Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur Episode 6 pt. 2 (11/16/2017)

    01/11/2019 Duration: 12min

    This is pt. 2 of Episode 6 In this episode I dive in to what my plans were for the camera I purchased. I also talk about how I organized the files, content, and ideas that I come up with. Every Sunday evening around 5pm I started doing an internet broadcast I called 'From The Ground Up: Lazy Sunday Broadcast'. It started off as an experiment where I would play music from artists I met through blogging. After a while the show transformed into a broadcast where I would share my entrepreneurial journey and talk about Food, Tech, and Media. Sometimes I would come up with an idea, talk about it on the broadcast, collect feedback, experiment, and then talk about the results in the next weeks broadcast. I initially got the idea from The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. In the book Eric Ries talks about the Build-Measure-Learn method which is a positive feedback loop to see how effective a product, service, or idea is and changing it based on the feedback you receive. Overtime I used this feedback to change the broadcast a

  • Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur Episode 5 (10/14/2017)

    20/08/2019 Duration: 12min

    Let me try to untangle what was going through my mind at the time of recording this episode. Listening to this episode I remember what I was thinking very clearly, however, I remember when the microphone got in front of me and I began recording my thoughts my communication was not the best.   At the time of recording this I had created a list of my long term goals and a number of smaller short term goals using the 'Notes' App on my iPhone. My primary long term goal at the time of recording this was to "Become a food entrepreneur, and start a food company". I still have not achieved that long term goal, but I have achieved a wide variety of short term goals that will hopefully lead me to completing my long term goal. In this episode I'm talking about my short term goals at the time which were: Creating a 'Content Reservoir'  Mapping out a workflow for creating content My plans for these Audio Recordings 'Collecting Colors' My plans for a Camera Market Research Questionnaire   Let's d

  • Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur Episode 4 (10/10/2019)

    16/07/2019 Duration: 07min

    In this episode I talk about how I began learning more about food additives and reading about how the FDA classifies the safety of certain food ingredients. One of the things that stuck out to me is how vague the language that the FDA uses can be sometimes. I go on to give some examples of how certain food ingredients have been rated by the FDA for consumer safety. I also touch on my approach to increase the quality of my blogs/photos/audio in order to increase the amount of disposable income available to feed back into improving my content quality. To Reflect: At the time of recording this I had been jobless out of college for about 10 months. My goal at this time was to research and build a system that would allow me to be more productive on a daily basis. I would brainstorm ideas and create miniature projects for myself that I would then have to complete. Around this time I also started writing down the characteristics I wanted to have, my values in life, and the goals I wanted achieve. The project I w

  • Learning To Be a Food Entrepreneur Episode 3 (10/3/2017)

    15/06/2019 Duration: 08min

      In this episode I talk about a book list I started creating, I also give a summary of my experience exploring cryptocurrency. To reflect: By this time I had figured out my approach in cryptocurrency and it came down to executing in order to keep collecting as much as possible. My goal at the time was to purchase a camera with cryptocurrency in order to improve the quality of my blogs in hopes of earning more cryptocurrency. I was still relatively new to Louisville Kentucky (where I was living and currently live) and I did not know to many people or places. I didn't really get to show people my skill sets or thirst for knowledge until late 2018/early 2019. During 2017 I felt pretty alone, I didn't know the direction I wanted to take and had little to no guidance. I didn't realize the power of getting out and interacting with people/clubs/organizations yet. I am still adding on to and working through my book list. I've made it into a 'live' book list where I add to it and cross books off over time. In 2

  • Learning To Be A Food Entrepreneur Episode 2 (Also recorded 10/3/2017)

    17/05/2019 Duration: 11min

      In this episode I briefly stumble and then begin explaining my origins in the Cryptocurrency and Food Science space. I share one of the experiences that made me passionate about the Food Industry. To reflect: I was and sometimes still am nervous about sharing my thoughts/ideas publicly to people that I do not know. But in this video I tried to force myself through that and share some of my experiences that lead me to be passionate about food & entrepreneurship. At the time getting a camera was a big deal to me. My video/photo quality had been lacking for some time. I had been using a logitech USB camera which limited me to being close to a computer or laptop to take video unless I used my phone.      I remember putting a lot of thought into my strategy and approach to creating content on the Steemit platform. I also put a lot of thought into how I would strategically deploy the cryptocurrency I earned over time. Since I started all of this living with my mom, $0 USD and $0 cryp

  • Learning To Be A Food Entrepreneur Episode 1 (From 10/3/2017)

    27/03/2019 Duration: 13min

    In this episode I fumble through the very first audio diary I ever recorded. To reflect: Back then I remember being a lot more nervous to talk to the world about what I am doing and what I want to accomplish. There are moments where there is dead air, moments where I repeat myself, moments when I cough and hiccup into the microphone. Overall the quality is not good. At the time I was learning a lot about cryptocurrencies and had very big ideas of the potential growth. If you listen to this you will find out my thoughts and goals at the time. I also said I would do these weekly which lasted about 5 episodes. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/learningtobeafoodentrepreneur/support

  • Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur Intro

    05/03/2019 Duration: 02min

    In this episode I introduce Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur. I talk about the purpose of this podcast, the format and the overall goal of Learning to be a Food Entrepreneur. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/learningtobeafoodentrepreneur/support