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Take a moment to think about what you do in your business? Life is more than just your business, it's life. However we do have to work to survive. While I'm a self proclaimed work-a-holic, I do enjoy much more than just working. This podcast is about more than just the work you do. It's the struggles you face, what you've done to over come them and how you've learned from those experiences.We will talk to business owners, community members and sometimes we will just talk.


  • Episode 8 – The World Needs Change…Now!


    As a Canadian, a citizen, a business owner and as a father; the current events happening in the world bring with it a lot of head shaking moments, times of disbelief and also opportunity for change. I did this episode as a way to express what I was feeling about everything that we have been experiencing. […]

  • Episode 7 – Bringing Back Photographic Relevance


    Episode 7 - Bringing Back Photographic Relevance I’m originally from Yorkshire in England and moved to Nova Scotia in 2007 with my husband, instantly falling in love with the place. We have two beautiful daughters and two crazy dogs (Charlie and Blue). I’m fortunate to have had various careers in my life starting when I […]

  • 2019 Christmas Marketing Special


    PODCAST - 2019 Christmas Marketing Special This annual tradition of ours marks our 5th year of putting together a show like this. We want to know what questions our audience has related to marketing their business. We put out the call and thank you to Peg Beaton Sylvia Henheffer Wendy Brookhouse Wanda Beattie Ruth Ann […]

  • Episode 6 – The Estate Of Your Life


    Episode 6 - The Estate Of Your Life There are many things in life that you will experience, but it’s said the only things that are certain are “Death & Taxes”. This episode we speak with Barb MacKay, Co-founder of a service helping Canadian organize the most important aspects of their life into the […]

  • Episode 5 – The Power Of Gratitude


    Episode 5 - The Power Of Gratitude   In this episode, I spoke with Steve Foren, the Grateful CEO of Gratitude At Work. We are in a society of complacency at work, unhappiness in what we have and ungrateful actions. Steve has set out to teach the power of gratefulness and the impact it can […]

  • Episode 4 – Failing Forward


    Failure is something that we try really hard to avoid in business. It’s something that we feel is a bad experience for us. In fact it’s not the fact that you fail that is bad, it’s the way you react to failure that’s causing you all the issues. I want to talk to you today […]

  • Episode 3 – Build Expectation & Don’t Make Them Wait


    In this episode I talk about building expectations in your life and your business. This is something you can utilize in your own business for your clients. I walked into our living room yesterday when my daughter was watching a youtube video. It was a girl giving this tour of her elaborate house. I asked […]

  • Episode 2 – Stop Talking About You To Your Prospects


    Believe it or not, your prospects don’t care about your awards, team photos of years in business initially. Sure it comes into play later in the customer journey. In the initial stages of the buying cycle when prospects are looking for a solution to their problem, they are not concerned about that stuff. They want […]

  • Episode 1 – Is it time to divorce your client?


    Business is a lot like life and when things just don’t work out you need to make a change. Just like two married people divorce due to indifferences or struggles they face and can’t overcome, you may have that same battle with clients. This episode is all about discovering your battle, identifying what the problem […]