Chats With A Lesbian



Im Kris, and I run this podcast with the help of my girlfriend, Baiyinah! Here, we just hang out and chat about whatever we want, cuz its our show, and not yours!


  • 2: Mental Health & Lesbians

    02/03/2019 Duration: 53min

    CONENT WARNING: we cover some heavy topics in this episode, including self harm, hospitalization, and abusive situations. // Today Baiyinah and I both spent the day in a deep depression nap, and we figured we should talk about it! We hope you enjoy listening to us.

  • 1: Lesbian Introductions

    28/02/2019 Duration: 43min

    First episode! This one doesn’t have a lot of structure, we just figured we would introduce ourselves, talk about our relationship and how we met, and see where the conversation would take us. We hope you liked this first episode and that you’ll tune in for more soon! Thanks!