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  • EC3 on His Post-WWE Reinvention, Facing Flip Gordon at ROH Best in the World

    09/07/2021 Duration: 34min

    ROH star and Free the Narrative creator EC3 discusses his match with Flip Gordon at ROH Best in the World, reinventing himself in 2020 after his WWE release, expanding the Free the Narrative brand, his hospitalization due to an infection and more.0:00: Intro1:15: On helping usher fans back in to ROH at Best in the World3:59: On his matchup with Flip Gordon at the PPV5:22: On reinventing himself in 2020 after his WWE release7:43: On turning "essential" into a catchphrase as the word became relevant during the pandemic 9:50: On WWE releasing talent in April, a year after the initial pandemic releases12:01: On the expansion and future of of the Free the Narrative brand14:40: On the importance of experimentation and trying new things in wrestling16:47: On if he will chase the ROH Pure or World Titles after he's done with Flip Gordon18:41: On the rise of companies working together for crossovers20:32: On his short-lived WWE 24/7 storyline with Drake Maverick21:40: On whether he'll be part of the ROH Glory by Honor

  • Dark Side of The Ring Creators On Season 3, Brian Pillman & Ultimate Warrior Episodes, More

    05/05/2021 Duration: 19min

    Producer/co-creator Evan Husney and director/co-creator Jason Eisener talk about the third season of their VICE TV docuseries, the episodes on Brian Pillman and Ultimate Warrior, possible season four episodes, doing the season during the pandemic, and more. Introduction (0:00) On treating the darkest stories like Owen Hart and Chris Benoit with gravity and avoiding sensationalism (1:16) On getting 14 episodes for season three and approaching that challenge (4:47) On putting the season together and producing it amid the challenges of the pandemic (7:30) On the Brian Pillman episode and Brian Pillman Jr.'s involvement (9:06) On their approach to the Ultimate Warrior episode and what to expect from it (12:14) On if they have any ideas for a possible season four and what topic they want to cover (15:15) Outro (18:33)

  • MLW's Gino Medina On Leaving Dynasty, Facing Richard Holliday, Training Under Booker T

    14/04/2021 Duration: 21min

    MLW star Gino Medina discusses his match with Richard Holliday for the Caribbean Heavyweight Championship this week, his exit from The Dynasty, training under Booker T, dealing with the hiatus caused by the pandemic, and more. 0:00: Intro 1:44: On how he's feeling going into his match with Holliday 2:35: On his exit from the Dynasty and what really happened 3:44: On why he thinks he never clicked with the Dynasty 4:34: On his match with Holliday and if there are any hard feelings going into it 6:10: On if his undefeated streak proves he never needed the Dynasty 8:48: On fans can expect from the match 9:34: On his plans for the title if he wins, giving Savio Vega a title shot 10:43: On dealing with MLW's hiatus due to the pandemic 12:05: On MLW's safety protocols since they returned, possible timetable for fans to return 15:34: On signing his first multi-year contract with MLW in 2019 17:07: On his experience training under Booker T 18:37: Is 2021 the year or Gino Medina? 19:27: Where to find him online 20:32

  • Alexander Hammerstone on MLW's Restart, World Title Aspirations, Aligning With the Von Erichs

    18/11/2020 Duration: 27min

    Alexander Hammerstone discusses MLW's Restart, potentially aligning with the Von Erics against CONTRA-UNIT, how he stayed motivated during the pandemic, what to expect from MLW and The Dynasty, and more. 0:00: Intro 1:50: On how it feels for MLW to finally be back 2:35: On his lengthy time off due to the pandemic, fans being deprived of The Dynasty 4:02: On MLW's new distribution partners in Fubo TV and DAZN 5:00: On the surreality of the MLW/AAA show being the last major show with lots of fans in North America, the pandemic lasting so long 8:03: On his plans for defending the MLW Middleweight Title going forward, planning to chase the World Title & potential matchups 11:03: On how Richard Holliday is doing after his tanning oil incident 11:43: On potentially aligning with the Von Erichs against CONTRA-UNIT, why CONTRA is attacking MLW 13:53: On staying motivated and sane during the pandemic 16:01: On his message for any opponents who think he might have ring rust coming back 17:22: On Richard Holliday's cof

  • Richard Holliday On MLW's The Restart, Why CONTRA-UNIT Wants to Block It, His New Contract

    16/11/2020 Duration: 26min

    The Dynasty's Richard Holliday discusses MLW's return with The Restart, what to expect from the Dynasty for the new era, CONTRA-UNIT wanting to block the restart, MLW's COVID-19 protocols, his new contract with the company, and more. 0:00: Intro 2:06: On how his face & skin is feeling after his 3:52: On MLW returning for The Restart, what to expect from the Dynasty 5:12: On Alexander Hammerstone teaming with the Von Erichs against CONTRA-UNIT, if he's willing do the same 7:16: On MLW's new deals with Fubo TV and DAZN, his message for new MLW viewers 8:47: On if ring rust is going to be a favor for him 9:15: On why he thinks CONTRA-UNIT wants to block The Restart 10:15: On if he had any idea the MLW/AAA show would be the last big show before lockdown, if he's gone stir-crazy 12:54: On MLW's COVID-19 protocols, how they're handling safety for talent 14:31: On recently signing a new multi-year contract with MLW, seeing himself and Hammerstone as faces of the company 16:50: On the arrival of combat sport vetera

  • Myron Reed on MLW's Return, Being a Face of the Company, Who He's Looking to Face

    15/10/2020 Duration: 24min

    MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed discusses MLW's return and why he's a face of the company, their new deals with DAZN and Fubo, the craziness of being part of the last major indy show before the shutdown, who he's looking forward to facing, his wrestling inspirations growing up, his new single, and more. 0:00: Intro 1:41: On MLW's return, seeing himself as a face of the company for their restart. 2:50: On MLW's new deals with DAZN and Fubo providing new opportunities to expand. 3:38: On being part of the AAA/MLW show just before the shutdown, dealing with the forced time off. 6:08: On if he had any ring rust stepping back into the ring, if he feels like he's in full ring shape. 7:26: On handling MLW's plans for whether there will be fans or not, working without fans in attendance. 9:24: On MLW's different weight-based divisions giving the company an MMA feel 10:26: On who he's hoping to defend his title against, his thoughts on Brian Pillman Jr. 11:55: On the key to training safely during the pandemic, M

  • MLW's Kevin Ku on Signing His First Major Contract, Who He's Targeting in MLW, The Company's New Era

    28/09/2020 Duration: 21min

    MLW star Kevin Ku discusses signing his first major contract at MLW, Dominic Garrini's influence on his deciding to sign there, making his debut in a new era for MLW, the company's safety procedures during the pandemic, who he plans to target when he arrives, how his style has evolved over the last couple of years, learning from the likes of Ivar and Tommaso Ciampa, and more. 0:00: Intro 1:39: On his MLW start being delayed due to the pandemic, making debut in a new era for MLW. 2:57: On signing his first major contract of his career with MLW. 3:54: On the plans for MLW's taping, COVID-19 safeguards and safety policy, wrestling without fans. 5:49: On the wrestling industry shutting down during the pandemic, how it's affected him & keeping in ring shape. 8:49: On his tag partner Dominic Garrini also being in MLW, how that factored into his signing on, looking forward to working with him there. 10:10: On MLW having an MMA-oriented portion of its roster, adding a sense of realism back into wrestling. 11:16: On

  • Rob Van Dam On Working With John Cena and Brock Lesnar, His New Mobile Game, Feud With Sami Callihan, More

    01/09/2020 Duration: 39min

    The one and only Rob Van Dam discusses his new mobile game Celebrity Slots, his feud with Sami Callihan in Impact Wrestling, his memories of working with John Cena and Brock Lesnar in WWE, developing his unique in-ring style, dealing with backstage politics, wrestling during the pandemic and adapting his in-ring work to fit without fans, and more. 0:00: Intro 2:53: On his new Celebrity Slots mobile game, customizing the game, available prizes. 5:38: On his favorite voice lines in the game, possibly adding new content in later updates. 7:00: On the possibility of new prizes like video chats and more. 7:49: On the appeal of fan interactions on platforms on apps like Cameo, the appeal of his authenticity. 9:55: On how Cameo protects its celebs from the dangers of stalkers and trolls, his reaction to Sonya Deville's attempted kidnapping. 12:19: On the current era of wrestling during the pandemic and companies doing shows at this time, how he's handling lockdown. 14:31: On the challenge of adapting to in-ring wor

  • Natalie Eva Marie On Her New Movie Hard Kill, WrestleMania 30 Match, WWE Exit & More

    26/08/2020 Duration: 26min

    WWE alumna Natalie Eva Marie discusses her new film Hard Kill alongside Bruce WIllis, appearing in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational at WrestleMania 30, her 2017 exit from WWE, her favorite opponents to work with, her interactions with Vince McMahon, hosting the NowThis News wrestling series Faces and Heels, if she's interested in doing future work with WWE, and much more. 0:00: Intro 1:34: On why she wanted to do Hard Kill, being able to play a mercenary, playing a bad-ass female character. 3:14: On her combat and weapons training for the film, doing her own weapon training, doing her own stunts. 4:36: On acting alongside Bruce Willis, being a big fan of his and trying to play it cool on set. 6:34: On how her family keeps her grounded and humble. 7:51: On being in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational For the Divas Title at WrestleMania 30, her memories of the night. 9:25: On her WWE exit in 2017 being amicable, Vince McMahon being supportive of her decision, not feeling like she walked away. 11:17: On if she's i

  • Calvin Tankman On Signing With MLW, Wrestling During the Pandemic, His Message For the Roster

    08/08/2020 Duration: 25min

    Calvin Tankman talks with 411's Jeffrey Harris about his signing his first big contract with MLW, why MLW is such an exciting company to follow and the prospect of appearing on DAZN, who he's looking forward to getting in the ring with, growing up as a wrestling fan, his unique ring style, wrestling during the pandemic, his message for the MLW roster and more. 0:00: Intro 1:22: On signing with MLW, the feeling of signing his first big contract 3:41: On the real work starting now that he's signed, being excited to show what he can do 5:06: On why MLW is such an exciting company to follow, MLW's deal to air on DAZN 7:32: On who the top in-ring talents in MLW are right now 9:01: On whether he considers CONTRA Unit to be his first targets 9:31: On incorporate MMA into his style and his favorite MMA fighters to watch 12:30: On how his path led to professional wrestling, growing up as a fan 13:30: On how he developed his fast, athletic ring style as a big man 16:20: On wrestling during the pandemic, taking precaut

  • The Miz on His New Game Show Cannonball, Rivalry With Daniel Bryan, John Morrison's WWE Return

    28/07/2020 Duration: 27min

    The Miz talks about his new USA Network game show Cannonball and the latest on Miz & Mrs.' new season, his longstanding rivalry with Daniel Bryan and their Talking Smack altercation, feeling like he has more to do in his career, John Morrison's return to WWE revitalizing him, a possible Universal Championship run and more. 0:00: Intro 2:10: On getting the hosting gig for Cannonball, producers asking for Mike & not The Miz 4:31: On if he's run through the Cannonball course yet 6:43: On the show providing an escape for people during the lockdown and pandemic 8:22: On how the show treats the competition aspect seriously 10:12: On his UpUpDownDown Championship loss to Tyler Breeze 11:54: On feeling like he has more left to do in the ring, John Morrison revitalizing him, their songs 13:51: On feeling he had to prove himself early on in his career, if he's still fighting for that respect 14:51: On his longstanding rivalry with Daniel Bryan, their famous Talking Smack altercation 18:38: On his team with John Morris

  • Zack Clayton on His AEW Dark Debut, Working with QT Marshall, AEW's COVID-19 Safety Measures

    04/07/2020 Duration: 16min

    Zack Clayton talks about his recent debut for AEW against QT Marshall at AEW Dark, whether he's interested in working for other big companies, AEW's handling of safety during the pandemic, training under Johnny Rodz, and more. 0:00: Intro 1:36: On how his debut for AEW against QT Marshall came about, his experience working with Marshall 3:40: On Allie interfering in the match and whether it's a moral victory for him 4:07: On the reception to the match at AEW, whether he expects to get another opportunity to work there 4:35: On what the atmosphere was like in AEW, the roster being welcoming to him and the effect of the pandemic on wrestling 5:44: On working without an audience in attendance, making his AEW debut under those conditions, getting a shoutout from Taz on commentary 8:08: On what made him want to get into wrestling, being a fan as a kid, training with Johnny Rodz 9:22: On what his goals are, if he's looking to sign a long-term contract sometime soon 9:59: On AEW's handling of safety via the pandem

  • CONTRA Unit's Josef Samael On MLW's DAZN Deal, The Art of Being a Heel, More

    02/07/2020 Duration: 24min

    MLW star Josef Samael talks about MLW's new deal with DAZN and a possible MLW/ESPN deal, CONTRA Unit's goals in MLW, working with Jacob Fatu and his rise to the top of MLW, Court Bauer expanding MLW's distribution during the pandemic, the possibility of new members in the stable, the secret to generating heel heat and more. 0:00: Intro 1:35: On MLW's new deal with DAZN, what it means for MLW and CONTRA Unit 3:05: On Court Bauer expanding MLW's distribution during the pandemic 4:16: On the pandemic resulting in MLW's shutdown, feeling better than he has in some time and being ready for MLW's return 7:02: On CONTRA Unit holding the MLW World Title via Jacob Fatu, what statement it makes for the group 9:04: On if CONTRA Unit will be targeting the Von Erichs and MLW Tag Team Titles 9:45: On his combat style, CONTRA Unit having more yet to reveal 10:52: On Jacob Fatu's growth and rise to the top of the MLW roster 11:48: On the possibility of an MLW/ESPN deal and the prospect of bringing CONTRA Unit to ESPN 13:34:

  • OVW's Dimes On How Al Snow has changed OVW, Working with Corey Storm, WWE/AEW Aspirations

    29/06/2020 Duration: 24min

    OVW Rush Division champion Dimes talks about the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on wrestling and how the industry may look afterward, training under Al Snow in OVW and how Snow has changed the company, his teaming and rivalry with Corey Storm, his aspirations to join AEW or WWE, and more. 0:00: Intro 1:56: On how things are going for him right now amid the COVID-19 pandemic 2:59: On if there's a date when OVW may be able to reopen and start running shows again 4:06: On growing up as a wrestling fan and how he ended up pursuing a career in the industry 5:29: On his biggest trainers and mentors in wrestling and the origin of his ring name 6:34: On how Al Snow has changed OVW, training under him and lessons he's learned from Snow 9:15: On if the pandemic makes a case for an off-season by giving people time to heal up, the difficulty of getting back in ring form after time off 12:00: On working with Corey Storm and their chemistry together in the ring 13:35: On which wrestlers informed his ring style and inspired hi

  • Jay Bradley On the Chaos Of His TNA Run, What the 'WWE Style' of Wrestling Means And More

    20/06/2020 Duration: 57min

    OVW's Jay Bradley talks working with Al Snow and serving as a trainer in OVW, what bad habits he often has to try and train talent out of, his recollection of the chaos during the Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter power struggle in TNA, the "WWE style" of wrestling, learning from Ace Steel and others in Steel Domain Wrestling, how the pandemic is likely to impact the industry, and more. 0:00: Intro 1:56: On how he's handling and feeling about the pandemic shutting down wrestling 5:11: On OVW's shutdown and how the promotion is weathering the storm 8:49: On what drew him to the wrestling business 13:14: On learning from Ace Steel and more at the the Steel Domain Wrestling school 15:49: On what comprises the "WWE style" of wrestling and the myths around it 20:30: On working around the world, learning from every different region, understanding each area's style and how to your own talents to it 23:37: On the chaotic power struggle between Billy Corgan and Dixie and how the company has rebuilt itself 28:47: On Bill

  • Stu Bennett On His New Film I Am Vengeance: Retaliation, His Wrestling Future, Drew McIntyre's Title Win, More

    17/06/2020 Duration: 19min

    WWE alum and NWA's Stu Bennett talks about his new film I Am Vengeance: Retaliation, starring in the film alongside Vinnie Jones, his future in the wrestling industry, Drew McIntyre being the first British WWE Champion, WWE and AEW running shows during the current pandemic, the effect of NXT UK on the British wrestling scene, working with CM Punk on Ultimate Beastmaster and more. 0:00: Intro 1:52: On starring in his own action franchise in the I Am Vengeance series and being able to show off more of his character 3:55: On working with a bigger cast this time around and seeing his character in a team environment 5:20: On acting opposite Vinnie Jones and growing up a fan of Jones as an athlete and an actor, how their fight scenes went 8:02: On working with Phoebe Robinson-Galvin and Katrina Durden in action sequences 9:40: On Drew McIntyre being the first British WWE Champion 10:40: On if he ever sees himself making a return to wrestling full-time or part-time 12:01: On whether he still follows the current wre

  • MLW's Ross & Marshal Von Erich on Carrying on the Family Legacy, Chemistry With The Dynasty, More

    01/06/2020 Duration: 32min

    MLW Tag Team Champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich talk about carrying on their family legacy while forging their own path, being trained by their father and Harley Race, Dominic Garrini and Tom Lawlor possibly challenging for their Tag Team Titles, their chemistry in the ring with the Dynasty, and more. 0:00: Intro 1:54: On living in Hawaii during the the pandemic, how they're dealing with MLW's shutdown 4:30: On Court Bauer continuing to make deals and announcement during the shutdown 5:55: On the likelihood of having to adjust back to wrestling life post-lockdown, MLW potentially running without crowds 7:44: On the balancing act of carrying on the Von Erich legacy and making their own mark on the business 9:53: On Dominic Garrini wanting to go after the Tag Titles alongside Tom Lawlor, being an ally of Lawlor's until recently 14:25: On their experience being in the War Chamber match in Dallas with their dad in their corner 16:26: On their rivalry with the Dynasty and chemistry with the ring with them 18:0

  • Impact X-Division Champion Willie Mack On His Title Reign, Who He Wants to Face Next, And More

    25/05/2020 Duration: 19min

    Impact X-Division Champion Willie Mack talks about being in his first Impact singles title run, who influenced his in-ring style, who he's looking forward to facing as champion and a possible match with Tessa Blanchard, Moose naming himself the "real World Champion," and more. 0:00: Intro, Larry Csonka tribute 3:48: On how it feels to be in his first Impact singles title run, being part of the title's lineage 4:46: On Impact's new era since moving to AXS TV 5:15: On Johnny Swinger and Chris Bey attacking on Impact, his plan for them 6:38: On his ring style, who influenced him and doing agile moves with his style 8:24: On Moose labelling himself the "real World Champion" 9:11: On wrestling being the only real weekly live entertainment in the pandemic, working without crowds 12:08: On missing live crowds, adjusting to working empty arenas 12:37: On who he's looking forward to defend the title against, a possible champion vs. champion match with Tessa Blanchard 13:38: On his favorite match he's seen and his fav

  • Dominic Garrini on Why MLW Was The Right Fit For Him, Possible Tag Title Run With Tom Lawlor, More

    04/05/2020 Duration: 29min

    MLW's Dominic Garrini talks about coming from Brazilian jiu-jitsu to pro wrestling, why MLW was the right place for him, teaming with Tom Lawler, a possible run at the MLW Tag Team Titles, dealing with MLW's shutdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, main eventing the famous 2300 Arena and much more. 0:00: Introduction 2:30: On making the leap from Brazilian jiu-jitsu to pro wrestling 5:34: On training under Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae 6:12: On why MLW was the right fit for him, working to reinvent himself in 2018 and 2019 9:02: On MLW attracting talent with MMA and grappling experience like him 10:34: On his MLW debut against Ariel Dominguez and coming in in his BJJ gear in order to make a statement of who he is 11:42: On setting out to bring something different to the ring, bringing a shoot style back into wrestling 15:03: On teaming with Tom Lawlor at AAA vs. MLW Super Series right before the COVID-19 shutdown 17:05: On being dealing with stuck in a holding pattern due to the pandemic, MLW being on a hot str

  • MLW Star Logan Creed on Signing With MLW and Turning Down a WWE Tryout, Navigating COVID-19 Pandemic, More

    23/04/2020 Duration: 36min

    MLW star Logan Creed discusses why MLW was the right place for him to sign and turning down a WWE tryout, how MLW is handling the hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, how the pandemic will affect wrestling going forward, MLW's partnership with AAA, his love of Marvel comics, getting involved with the new horror film Dead By Midnight, breaking away from the Dynasty, and much more. 0:00: Introduction 1:55: On his name being inspired by Marvel Comics' Wolverine and Sabretooth 3:10: On when he became a fan of wrestling and watching NWA growing up 4:07: On what his gear and look being inspired by Sting and Ultimate Warrior 5:15: On developing his in-ring style, finding a balance between his size and speed, pushing his limits in the ring 7:24: On joining MLW and why it was the best choice for him at the time, being offered a WWE tryout and why he turned it down 9:20: On his development in MLW from joining the Dynasty to striking out on his own 10:23: On how Court Bauer is continuing to expand the brand MLW d

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