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Have you ever asked yourself, why does the Bible feel so complicated? Stumbling over; Who is who? Why are these things happening? & How does this relate to me? If so, you're in good company. Simply Put is a podcast that has been designed to break down God's Word into stories and circumstances we can better understand. Whether you'd consider yourself an all-in Christian or have never picked up a Bible before, my heart is that in this podcast, you'd find a home in His Word.


  • Season 3 Farewell | New Things

    05/10/2020 Duration: 09min

    There's a promise in the Bible that God is in the business of making all things new. It's one I've held onto for the last 3 years. One that constantly drew me deeper and answered by greatest "but why?" questions.  In today's episode, we're closing out Season 3. Join me in this new photography venture by visiting or hang out and wait a while, we'll be back for Season 4! 

  • 56: Pressure applied | Acts 5

    08/09/2020 Duration: 22min

    Has shame ever told you that your story isn't worth sharing? Have you ever made it out of a dark season and wondered, will God ever use this? The answer is yes! In Acts 5 we learn about Peter's time in prison and the way they're set free. In today's episode, we'll talk about what it looks like to give and live. 

  • 55: Do people know Jesus because they know you? | Acts 4

    04/09/2020 Duration: 19min

    One of the most common mistakes I see Christians make is this constant need to sit down and tell others about Jesus. Sometimes, this works but what I've found significantly more effective is simply living Him out. Are we known for our love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control? Do people know the character of Jesus because they know us? Not only that - can people tell you've been with Him? In today's quick chat, we'll take a look at a verse in Acts 4.

  • 54: 5 things I learned this year | Birthday Episode

    28/08/2020 Duration: 18min

    Every year, it feels like God does a new work in my heart. Sometimes, this requires walking through dark and painful seasons. Other times, this requires leaning into the light. This year has provided both. We'll take some time to talk about obedience, navigating lost friendships, and why the desires of our heart matter to God. Thanks for hanging out! Learn more at

  • 53: Leave you begging | Acts 3

    18/08/2020 Duration: 20min

    In Acts 3, we're told about the time Peter and John heal a man. They're walking by, see him, tell him they've got nothing but Jesus, and instantly he is healed. In today's episode, we're going to look at someone's or somethings that keep us from being healed. We'll talk through what it looks like to walk in freedom and why healing matters. If you're looking for a short devotional on Acts, this episode is for you! 

  • 52: Err on the side of love | Acts 2

    11/08/2020 Duration: 24min

    In Acts 2, Luke talks about what happens when the Holy Spirit hits the people. All of a sudden, people are understanding one another in their own language. At this moment, believers are misunderstood and we see Peter stand up in order to tell them what's really going on. In today's episode, we're going to talk about the power of erring on the side of love and what happens when we choose to receive the gifts God has given us. If you're looking for a simple way to understand the Bible, this episode is for you. 

  • 51: Suffering, timing, and power | Acts 1

    04/08/2020 Duration: 21min

    If you're looking to better understand the scripture, if you're frustrated because you don't know how to read or where to start. Then, this podcast is for you. In this week's episode, we'll start taking a look at the book of Acts. We'll take a look at how to utilize your suffering and what it means to recommit to the community. If you've been frustrated by God's timing, hurt by the church, or just don't know what it means for you to wait. Come hangout. 

  • BONUS: Reading tips for Acts

    04/08/2020 Duration: 09min

    Before we dive into the book of Acts, let's talk about best practices for studying it. If you're a brand new reader or maybe you've been reading The Bible your whole life, on this episode, there are some tools for you. We'll talk about what versions are helpful to read and how to set time aside. 

  • 50: Lies I believed | Philippians 4

    29/07/2020 Duration: 21min

    We're told following Christ is boring and that if we give into Him, we have to give up everything. In today's episode we're going to talk about lies I believed before following Jesus and how Paul tells us to overcome them. If you're looking for a short study on Philippians, this one is for you. 

  • 49: Philippians 4 | Letting go of grudges

    21/07/2020 Duration: 22min

    In Philippians 4, Paul walks us through the importance of forgiveness and letting things go. He talks to us about the sting of joy and how imperative it is that we walk it through. If you're new to the Bible or just looking for a way to learn more, this episode is for you. 

  • 48: Forget what lies behind | Philippians 3

    14/07/2020 Duration: 21min

    If we're honest, most of us do a great job of focusing on the future. We live for the next thing and spend most of our energy looking for something bigger and better. In Philippians 3, Paul gives us insight into how we press forward and warns us about things to watch out for. If you're looking for a short devotional on Philippians and want to know more about moving forward, this one is for you. 

  • 47: I'm sorry if you've been hurt by religion | Philippians 3

    07/07/2020 Duration: 19min

    In today's episode, we take a look at Paul's final words to the church of Philippi. He addresses the notion that there are people out there who preach God but don't live out His principles. If you've been hurt by religion and can't stomach the idea that God would be FOR you then press play. He's for you friend, He is good, and He wants good for you. 

  • 46: What if it's true? | Philippians 2 (Part 2)

    30/06/2020 Duration: 18min

    In Philippians 2, Paul sends back some key players to the church of Philippi. He tells them, 'look - it makes me more anxious having leaders here with me. They're coming back to you.' In today's episode, we'll look at what it means to live for others and how it plays into our confidence. -- -- 

  • 45: Deflection vs. Reflection | The humility of Christ

    23/06/2020 Duration: 23min

    In Philippians 2, Paul gives us the rundown of what it looks like to possess the humility that Christ did. We'll walk through deflection and how this varies from humility. What it looks like to stay hopeful when odds are against you, and the call on our lives to live like Christ.  Subscribe to YouTube & Emails: |

  • 44: The only way out is through

    16/06/2020 Duration: 22min

    Is Part 2 of our Philippians 1 study, we're going to look at how Paul encourages us to deal with motive. Not only that but why it's necessary to remain in difficult situations for the sake of growth.  

  • 43: Trusting the unknown future to a known God

    09/06/2020 Duration: 20min

    In the last few weeks, so much has taken place within our world. In today's episode, we begin a study looking at the book of Philippians. We'll talk about what it looks like to pray joyfully, live on purpose, and trust the unknown future to a known God. 

  • BONUS: Questions we want to ask about #BLM

    03/06/2020 Duration: 52min

    Today I caught up with my dear friend, Krystle McNeely. In this conversation, we address questions that white people aren't asking and dialogue about how to approach various conversations. If you have questions you want to be addressed, please send them to me and 

  • 42: S.O.S | Space of Sorrow

    20/05/2020 Duration: 40min

    In Episode 42, we're diving into the space of sorrow found in John 11. We're going to look at what Jesus can do in our circumstances and how the importance of leading Him to the places of despair. 

  • 41: The Good Part

    14/05/2020 Duration: 32min

    In Luke 10, we're introduced to one of the more common Bible stories of Mary & Martha. This story has always been used to parallel what it looks like to serve and be still. In today's episode, we're taking a look at what Jesus was referring to when He told Martha, "Mary has chosen the good part" and what that means for us. 

  • BONUS: The untouched topic of mental health amongst Christian women

    11/05/2020 Duration: 33min

    There's a stigma that lingers in the atmosphere of mental health amongst Christian women. Many of us, if we're honest, have feelings about how we're feeling. In today's BONUS episode I get to catch up with one of my friends who understands this topic first hand and all that it entails.  Read: The Depressed Persons Guide To Not Committing Suicide

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