Mypagemike An Interesting 420 Friendly Add Adhd Ocd Diabetic Autistic Depression Related Podcast



A single X-Gen ADD ADHD Diabetic OCD Depressed DAD with 2 Autistic kids in a family that is 420 friendly. A Motocrosser, Mechanic, Fisherman, Boater, Cook and high tech guru that is obsessed with information everything. Many topics will be discussed from the past to future. Emotional stories to educational topics. No Rules, No Boundaries, just raw honest podcasting and attempts to structure the chaotic information.


  • e001 The new Intro into MyPageMike.Com - alot has changed

    19/05/2018 Duration: 14min

    Alot has changed since I first created the podcast, daily, Choices that means other podcasts had spawned off and won't be included here like the Autism and Motocross. I may mention them but the other 2 podcasts are specifically focused on each topic. I wanted to explain a few things and get on to the work. Lots of stories, topics, blogs, pictures and Videos all on http://MyPageMIke.Com I am in the middle of writing a plugin to integrate Anchor to WordPress with Tags and Categories seeing it doesn't exists. RSSDATA||e001||POdCastStart

  • Episode 005 FortOrd Days of growing up, divorce, breaking into houses

    11/04/2018 Duration: 28min

    The later part of growing up on FortOrd, racing bikes, working at shops, breaking into houses, getting kicked off post. Parents get divorced as I move off post to Marina with 2 brothers and Mom. RSSDATA||e005||20180508||PodCast||PodCastStart||fortord

  • Episode 004 Mike moves to Marina, gets big job, parties to much

    11/04/2018 Duration: 19min

    More about Mikes life starting out in FortOrd California and growing up, getting expelled and starting his first big job and Monterey Penninsula Unified School District and parties to much RSSDATA||e004||20180508||PodCast||PodCastStart||FortOrd||opinion

  • Episode 003 MyPageMike Intros himself and speaks more on the shows topics

    11/04/2018 Duration: 12min

    This is the next episode covering a little bit more about myself, the show and the topics that will coming . RSSDATA||e003||20180508||PodCast||PodCastStart||FortOrd||crazy

  • e002 Opening episode for myPageMike A long road ahead

    11/04/2018 Duration: 08min

    e002 Opening episode for myPageMike A long road ahead. This is the opening episode to try and get things moving here at MyPageMike.Com MUCH more to come. It has been quit a challenge trying to get this show started so here I am shoveling coal to get the train moving. Lots of decisions to be made. Playing with Audacity and Mixpad. Working on MyPageMike.Com, LibSyn, Anchor, Images and RSS feeds. -- RSSDATA||e002||20180508||PodCast||PodCastStart||Adventure