Inside Slop: The Definitive Double Dare Podcast



It's the messiest show on radio! (or podcasting) The Inside Slop takes you inside everyone's favorite game show, Double Dare. Join Derek Thomas and his guests for a behind the scenes look at the game show that changed the children's television landscape forever. The show covers the original run of the show, Double Dare 2000 and the 2018 reboot of the show.


  • Inside Slop Episode 8 - Marc Summers - Insights into 32 years of making a mess with Double Dare

    17/09/2018 Duration: 01h03min

    Marc Summers joins me to discuss all things old and new Double Dare. We'll discuss his early days before Double Dare, the onset of fame, how he's interacted with other game show hosts over the years and so much more. You'll also hear his ideal obstacle course and how he watched contestants play strategy to win Double Dare over the years.  It's an in depth conversation with the man who has been the face of Double Dare for 32 years. 

  • Double Dare art director Byron Taylor returns for more Inside Slop!

    08/09/2018 Duration: 57min

    Double Dare set designer / art director Byron Taylor returns to give us more behind the scenes information about the technical details of Double Dare. You'll hear about how some of the shows famous sound effects were created, more information about the iconic blue flooring, how the staff took common household items and turned them into the iconic Physical Challenges we remember and so much more.  We'll also discuss the Double Dare Live Tours, Double Dare 2000, My Family's Got GUTS, and many other Nickelodeon favorites. 

  • Inside Slop Episode 6 - Byron Taylor spills his GUTS Part 1

    27/08/2018 Duration: 45min

    Byron Taylor who has worked on such Nickelodeon projects such as Double Dare, Super Sloppy Double Dare, Family Double Dare, Double Dare 2000, GUTS, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and so much more stops by to talk about the early days (Pilot - end of the 1987 season) of Double Dare.  You'll hear about the challenges that made creating the Messiest Gameshow on Television so complex and hear about prototyping The Sundae Slide and One Ton Human Hamster wheel.  Plus, we'll finally learn one of the biggest secrets for making "the mess" on Double Dare (No it's not the recipe for slime...)       

  • Inside Slop Episode 5- Secrets of the Look of the All NEW Double Dare with James Connelly

    23/07/2018 Duration: 40min

    Emmy award winning set designer James Connelly from JP Connelly (Top Chef, The Voice, Bill Nye Saves the World, and more!) joins me to discuss the details of designing the brand new set for Double Dare.  We'll talk about how quickly the new set came together under an intense deadline, how they managed to keep familiar elements of the original show, and much more.  It's everything you want to know about what makes the Double Dare set shine while making a complete mess.  Check out James Connelly at

  • Inside Slop Episode 4 - Hey! Robin Speaks

    17/07/2018 Duration: 54min

    Everyone's favorite Double Dare Co-host Robin Marella (Russo) joins me this week to talk about everything from favorite Physical Challenges to secrets for winning Double Dare. We'll discuss life on the road with Double Dare, the new reboot and so much more. You'll also hear how Robin was almost lured away from the show by ESPN for an on camera role and why she decided to stay at Nickelodeon. All ahead on this episode of Inside Slop. 

  • Inside Slop Episode 3 - Nick Arcade's Phil Moore

    09/07/2018 Duration: 01h16min

    In this episode fellow Nickelodeon game show host Phil Moore from Nickelodeon Arcade takes us back in time as he revisits what it was like to be the new game show host at Nickelodeon. He discusses his early days in TV including his work with MTV's Remote Control. We'll also talk about his enduring friendship with the cast and crew of Double Dare.   

  • Inside Slop Episode 2 - Behind the scenes taping report from Double Dare

    02/07/2018 Duration: 42min

    In this episode, lifelong Double Dare fan Jesse Cute give us a full look at what it's like to see the all new Double Dare tape. Jessie has been a Double Dare fan for over 30 years and you'll get to hear his unique perspective on the original vs. the new shows. You'll also get TONS of behind the scenes information that will change the way you watch Double Dare. 

  • How Double Dare Propelled Nickelodeon to New Heights

    25/06/2018 Duration: 54min

    In this first full episode of Inside Slop, Mathew Klickstein, author of Slimed! - An oral history of Nickelodon's golden age, joins me to talk about the role Double Dare played in shaping the future of a young network called Nickelodeon.  We'll talk about Double Dare past and what the formula for success looks like for the reboot of the show.  For more information on Mathew's work please visit: Mathew's Website

  • Inside Slop: Mini Episode 1 - What we know about the NEW Double Dare

    16/05/2018 Duration: 15min

    In this mini episode of Inside Slop we introduce you to our new show and what we know about the all new episodes of Double Dare coming in 2018. Host Derek Thomas breaks down the hard facts about casting and taping, plus explores some potential rumors about what the new show will look like.  For casting information about the new show please visit MysticArt Pictures  

  • Welcome to Inside Slop!

    02/05/2018 Duration: 01min

    My name is Derek Thomas, and this Summer I am excited to introduce a brand new Podcast along side the revival of Double Dare. The show is called Inside Slop: The Definitive Double Dare Podcast. I come from the original generation of Double Dare fans and the show has followed me into adulthood with my own children now enjoying old shows on DVD and looking forward to new episodes this Summer. Over the years I've enjoyed a network of friends who have at one time or another run some of the largest Double Dare websites and social media pages on the net. We have shared stories, traded rare photos, and kept our love of the show alive over the past thirty two years. ( I feel really old when I write that.) The announcement of the revival of the show seems like perfect opportunity to not only look backwards at the cultural impact of Double Dare, but to also look ahead at how the show will resonate with a new generation. The goal is to take an inside look at the show through the eyes of cast, production staff, and conte