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Women on the Frontline


  • Episode 9: From Empathy to Action, One Family’s Journey Helping Syrian Children Heal

    11/02/2020 Duration: 42min

    In Season 4 of Fatima’s Hand, hear Esra Özsüer talk about the need for leadership in the midst of crisis and how her own journey to help Syrian refugee children unfolded, moving from businesswoman to philanthropist and NGO leader.

  • Episode 8: Moms and Madonna – Sources of Empowerment for Equality in Turkey

    22/12/2019 Duration: 28min

    In the second episode of our Turkey series, we dig deeper into what bringing a gender perspective to politics means with Gülseren Onanç, the founder of the Equality, Justice and Women Platform in Turkey. Gülseren draws on her diverse experience as a businesswoman, politician, nonprofit leader – as well as a young basketball player where she first fought for equality – in a discussion about the formation of an independent feminist movement that works towards social change and the pursuit of a universal women’s rights agenda. In this free ranging conversation, Gülseren talks about why a woman’s touch is needed in politics, the role of violence against women, and how victimization can lead to empowerment. Gülseren talks openly about the influences in her life and exposure to people and places that have shaped her perspective, and the ways she is shaping a feminist conversation with women of diverse background and ages in Turkey.

  • Episode 7: Challenging Rigid Gender Roles in Turkey by Being a Bit Naughty

    26/09/2019 Duration: 47min

    The first episode of our Turkey series focuses on women’s rights in a male dominated culture with lessons learned from Fatma Çiğdem Aydın, an architect of the modern women’s movement. Çiğdem has shaped a multitude of initiatives for gender equality to help women pushback against discriminatory cultural expectations and gain more power in politics. As someone not afraid to speak her mind, she has encouraged women to stand up for their rights and be “a little naughty” in order to get things done.

  • Episode 6: Practical Steps for Combatting Sexism in Media & Politics

    26/10/2018 Duration: 52min

    It’s not enough to simply recognize sexism exists in society. In order to call out sexism and create the conditions for equality we must move people into action. In the second episode of our Ukraine series, Iryna Slavinska shares background on the practical steps she is taking as a coordinator of a campaign to combat sexism in media and politics in Ukraine. Her experience as a journalist gives her unique insights about how to create reforms within media to address patterns of sexism that perpetuate negative steretoypes about women in Ukraine.

  • Episode 5: Ukraine and the Revolution Within for Gender Equality

    15/08/2018 Duration: 55min

    Progress towards women's empowerment and gender equality in Ukraine is one of the most exciting changes taking place since the revolution in 2014. In this episode of Fatima's Hand, we talk with Olena Yena, one of the architects of the strategy guiding these transformations by creating the conditions for equal partnerships in governmental and societal reform. Episode 5 of Fatima's Hand holds many lessons for other countries where women are waking up to the reality that they don't have as much power as they thought, but are willing to fight to change things - in themselves, their culture and their country.

  • Episode 4: Fighting Against Injustice and Being a Mom, Serbia to Africa

    13/08/2018 Duration: 35min

    Marija Markovic is a strong, outspoken and deeply empathetic advocate who embraces this role as rigorously as that of wife and mother. In this episode of Fatima’s Hand, she brings 20 years of wisdom in democracy and governance in the context of democratic transitions to the conversation. Starting from the Balkans, Marija talks about her leadership in the student movement that played a critical role in mobilizing voters in the historical 2000 election in which Slobodan Milosevic was defeated at the polls – through massive street demonstrations against his bid to prolong a 13-year dictatorship. Hear about how Marija took this experience and applied it to work across Africa and the Middle East

  • Episode 3: Peace, Conflict and Motherhood

    09/06/2018 Duration: 41min

    Leah Kimathi is a professional peacemaker. She brings a depth of experience to the field and clarity of vision in how she utilizes the tools of conflict mitigation. Her on-the-ground know how, as well as her philosophical approach to the work, gives her a unique blend between practitioner and academic when it comes to healing divisions in society. In this episode of Fatima's Hand, Leah covers a great deal of ground – from the conditions of parts of Africa after the cold war and its influence on civic empowerment, to the spiritual side of peacemaking and what women need to do to gain more political power in society. Leah also opens up about the role of family in keeping her centered, the pressures she feels as a single mother, and the self-care needed to keep seeing the light in people.

  • Episode 2: Campaigns for Inclusion – In Advocacy and Life

    07/05/2018 Duration: 47min

    In this episode of Fatima’s Hand, Carla Chianese gives insights about the nature of behavioral-based change campaigns – in work and life. This enriching and personal conversations covers a wide range of topics: how voter education is organized through grassroots campaigns, strategies for countering fake news, the impact of the #MeToo movement and what it’s like to raise a son in a racially blended family. Learn coping skills for deflecting harsh judgements put on the shoulders of mothers raising young children and what women can do to get more active and engaged in the business of change making. Aussie born Carla is a changemaker and creative communicator. She is a civic engagement and strategic communications specialist with over 10 years’ experience in democracy education, advocacy campaigns and inclusion. She has successfully designed and implemented nationwide public information and behavioral change campaigns covering political and social issues and has specialist knowledge in using opinion research to s

  • Episode 1: Running for Office in Kenya at Age 23

    20/04/2018 Duration: 38min

    Suzanne Silantoi Lengewa is a trailblazer. Despite Kenya’s leadership in the region when it comes to women serving in political office they rank last out of all East African nations. Stepping up to run as a young woman in the largest city in Kenya — in a male dominated political culture nonetheless – takes a big dose of courage. Women who put their foot forward in politics face many obstacles, from sexist news coverage to having less access to resources to run their campaigns. The women who choose to move forward despite the unlevel playing field should be recognized and heard for their contribution to creating a more equal democracy around the globe. Hear more about Suzanne and her story in Episode One of Fatima's Hand.

  • About the Podcast

    20/04/2018 Duration: 03min

    Fatima’s Hand features change agents across the globe fighting for women’s equality. Combining politics with everyday activism, hear inspiring stories and practical advice from women in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. Each show addresses a hot topic on the issue of women’s political participation and leadership, and the person behind it – what is their story, experience and insights? What are the roots of their activism? And how do they stay balanced as women – mothers, sisters, aunties?