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  • Creating a life of abundance with Lara Waldman

    06/12/2019 Duration: 36min

    "Lara Waldman is an Inspirational Speaker, Healer, Abundance Coach and Author of the book "Money Manifestation Mastery".Lara empowers conscious Leaders, change makers, visionaries and business owners to create a life of true Abundance and expand into the next level of their impact, influence and income. My social media handles:www.larawaldman.com

  • Pens to Prison with Jennifer Brianne

    15/11/2019 Duration: 27min

    Jennifer Brianne is an avid social entrepreneur who holds deep passion in helping others find freedom in words, voice and language. She is the founder of Pens to Prison ministries and Girl Stop. She authors Letters to Inmate #127039, Letters to My Molester, and Girl Stop and Speak: Affirmations for the Life You Want to Live. She has a B.A. in Public Communication and a M.S. in Communication Studies. She is currently completing her doctorate in Instructional Design. Her love of the spoken and written word has not stopped there. She continues to advocate for the broken, the afflicted, the lost, and the forgotten.

  • Fall into mentoring with Shameko Barren

    25/10/2019 Duration: 26min

    Shamek'o Barren is a native of Prichard, Alabama and graduate of C.F. Vigor High School. The founder of New Mindz Mentorship Program LLC established in 2017. My primary goal is to change the lives of those in my community through mentoring and social entrepreneurship. Shameko has worked with a variety of community organizations serving the youth, homeless, and seniors. Over 20 years of experience in leadership experience. Graduated from University of South Alabama in 2019 with degree in Administrative Sciences ( Psychology, Sociology, Business) and From University of Phoenix with a Masters in Business Administration.Accolades:2018 Grind Award Nominee2018 and 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Award Winner by Walgreens Member of C.F. Vigor High School Alumni Booster ClubBusiness Information:New Mindz Mentorship Program LLC Instagram : newmindz17 FB: New Mindz Mentorship Program LLCEmail: LinkedIn : Shamek'o Barren Website

  • Hope, Healing and Triumph with Dr. Avis Foley

    18/10/2019 Duration: 23min

    Dr. Foley is an educator, author and speaker with a mission to specially craft messages that inspire and motivate. With storytelling as her core skill, she leverages on her compelling life story and her enduring spirit of excellence to spread a message of hope, healing and triumph. Under her belt are two fictional novels that entertain and uplift in equal measure.On her speaking platform, Dr. Foley infuses her audience with messages of purpose, excellence and leveraging yourself. Her most recent appearance was at the Leaders Conference Empowerment event. Before devoting her career to storytelling and speaking, Dr. Avis first launched her career in the education sector as an instructor. As an English educator with twelve years teaching experience on the secondary and collegiate level, she continually foresaw the educational gap and increased student achievement. Dr. Foley's passion for enlightenment has enabled her to inspire many youth and adult learners to surpass their potential. Dr. Foley holds a Bachelor

  • Building a Business with Charmaine Betty-Singleton

    09/10/2019 Duration: 33min

    Charmaine E. Betty-Singleton aka CBS, advocate, veteran, entrepreneur, evangelist, attorney, and international author and transformational speaker extraordinaire, is the CEO/Owner Thy Kingdom Come International, Inc, a non-profit dedicated to social justice and educational endeavors and CEO/Owner of PTK Enterprises LLC, a business focused on supporting other business owners, community activism, and empowering individuals to greatness. Additionally, she is the owner of Victorious Vibes radio station housed on SIBN. Charmaine is an avid lover of God and all people. She attributes her success first to God, and then to her parents and mentors, one of which is the late Dr. Myles Munroe. Charmaine strongly believes that with God ALL things are possible and wishes to “die empty” successfully fulfilling ALL that God has called her to do. Charmaine is a native of Kingston, Jamaica and refers to Queens, New York as home. Charmaine currently lives in Sacramento, California.You may connect with Charmaine at:ptkenterpris

  • Transformational Change in Leadership in Organizations

    02/10/2019 Duration: 27min

    E. Michelle Mickens, DSL, is CEO of Live 4 Change, LLC, a Christian-based, global strategic leadership development consultancy that brings transformational change in the lives of leaders and their organization. Dr. Mickens uses a holistic approach to serve leaders through tools that help identify gaps in leadership development processes and create leadership and organizational development solutions.Dr. Mickens trains, teaches, speaks, empowers, and equips established and emerging leaders through her exclusive BE 4 R.E.A.L. LEADERSHIP SERIES™ - (Reliable, Ethical, Authentic, Learners) Motto: R.E.A.L. LEADERS, R.E.A.L. PRODUCERS, R.E.A.L. RESULTS!. Through this leadership series, she provides consulting, coaching, and training services. Her workshops are designed to help create high performing, inclusive, diversified, organizations in areas such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), cross-cultural competency, ethics, personal and professional leadership development, strategic leadership and more. Dr. Mick

  • Roz Jones on Best Caregivers

    25/09/2019 Duration: 41min

    Rosalind Marshall-Jones, is an innovative leader in the health careindustry who is compassionate about making a healthy difference inthe lives of men, women and children. Rosalind has an extensivemedical background that afforded her the opportunity to see theneed for quality health care. As a seasoned health care provider,Rosalind has built upon her strong medical foundation, by openingJacksonville’s Best Caregivers, an organization that provides shortand long-term health care. Jacksonville’s Best Caregivers beganoperating in 2009 in Northeast Florida.Rosalind has more than fifteen years of progressive experience that isfocused on developing and facilitating training, while building strongnetworks and communities. She is a crossroads advocate for thosewho need quality healthcare, crisis counseling and health careintervention.Rosalind has a strong educational background that includes an MBAfrom the University of Phoenix; an MBA in Christian Counseling fromLOGOS; and a Bachelors in Journalism from Southern Univ

  • Commit to Your Passion with Chamera Bowman

    18/09/2019 Duration: 38min

    Chamera Bowman is a transformation coach, health and life strategist, best selling author, global leader, mentor, and founder and CEO of HHH Life and Commit To Your Passion Organization. She is a firm believer that true prosperity starts with the good we do in the world through our gifts.A prosperous life starts by taking accountability from deepness within yourself first and it will create a floral impact in other areas in our lives. Chamera Bowman helps individuals cultivate new habits of lifestyle change and business growth. As a result of working with Chamera, clients transform, get clarity towards their goals in life, experience life changing results, and expand their business. She helps you achieve confidence in your self on an extraordinary level by making extraordinary

  • Clear Vision Through Cloudy Eyes with Pierra Collins

    11/09/2019 Duration: 38min

    Pierra is a woman of God who is on a mission to help women. Why? Her story tells it all. Like many, Pierra had a dream to live in Altanta and fulfill here dreams. However those dreams were quickly turned upside down when she was led down a path that spiraled her life out of control. Pierra Collins found herself working 2 jobs being very unfulfilled and ultimately leading her to seek more.She became blindsided by wealthy men (ballers) who introduced her to unending cash flow, trips and bling. She hit rock bottom, finding herself broken and alone. After a time, Pierra quickly discovered that apart from God she could do nothing. In her desperate search for God to intervene the brokenness she learned how to lay postrate and seek his will and purpose for her LIFE! It was only after surrendering to the will of God, she was reminded in Jeremiah 29:11 that God had a plan for her life. Pierra was delivered from a spirit of promiscuity, defeat, insecurities, anxiety and fear. She is now a wife of a king and the mot