Lydia Romane-douglas



Wellness and Mindset


  • Marie Forleo’s 4 Min Trick Tip Followup

    10/10/2019 Duration: 06min

    This episode dives a little into my process so far with planning my days ahead of time. Hiccups, road bumps, and successes all accounted for, this tip is a WIN WIN.

  • Marie Forleo’s 4 Minute Trick for Massive Productivity Really Works!

    08/10/2019 Duration: 03min

    This episode was inspired by Marie Forleo’s 4 minute trick video on YouTube. Planning the day took out a ton of wasted time and added stress. Don’t worry if it takes a little longer than 4 minutes to plan. It’s worth the time - Trust Me!

  • Explore Your Creativity. My personal Experience

    04/10/2019 Duration: 05min

    The podcast can be found on YouTube Explore Your Creativity- Chase Jarvis and Tom Bilyeu sit down to chat about the importance of flexing the creative muscle. I love these podcasts and listen to hours on hours daily and have throughout the last decade. We all have so much to offer!

  • Appreciation = Increased Value

    13/07/2019 Duration: 05min

    The more you appreciate the what is and the things we cannot control, the more you discover what is working in your life♥️

  • Change: Necessary Evolution

    21/06/2019 Duration: 02min

    Short, sweet, to the point. Change cannot be helped sometimes but the way we handle it can be helped through our approach and acceptance of the change. Do your best; forget the rest !

  • Ready AF

    11/05/2018 Duration: 13min