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Massage Wellness w/ Dani Love is all about massage therapy and its wonderful benefits! Stay tuned every week for fun facts, massage benefits, and I talk to various massage therapist around the world! My goal is to promote Massage Therapy as a necessity, not a luxury!


  • What’s your belief?

    30/08/2019 Duration: 36min

    Have you ever met someone who tried to stick religion down your throat? Being in the LS, a lot of people would judge and look down on how you live; all the while, they can drink you under the table, or cheat on their spouses! A lot of people shy away from religion because of the judgement it brings. People just want to be good people and be happy, without the threats of going to hell.

  • Ain’t no takin’ one for the team, sis

    23/08/2019 Duration: 35min

    The biggest mistake women make with men is giving into things that they are not comfortable with; just to make him happy. What about your happiness? Your mental health? Always be honest about your wants and if they’re not on the same page as you? Continue your journey to find the partner you want. PERIOD.

  • Society’s’ Expectations

    19/08/2019 Duration: 34min

    Episode three!! Be this episode is all about what society expects of us. Why not expect me to be happy? Be honest about your wants when it comes to relationships and STOP CHEATING Follow ME on IG @bludiamonexotic @danilovepolesinger @getfitwitblu @crystalsnelementsmassage


    09/08/2019 Duration: 28min

    NO TYPE‼️ when it comes to the lifestyle, it’s about being open minded. New experiences new journey that you two are on together. We all have our toys when we’re single and looking, but what about as a couple?

  • You & You

    02/08/2019 Duration: 31min

    You and you and YOU!!! No one can can take care of YOU better than YOU! This episode talks about the importance of self care and knowing your body enough to take care of yourself BEFORE being burnt out.

  • So WE want a girlfriend

    02/08/2019 Duration: 32min

    Welcome to BluKissTalk

  • Anxiety & YOU

    03/05/2018 Duration: 24min

    learn how massage can benefit you and your anxiety INSTEAD of running to pills

  • Introduction: Massage Wellness w/Dani Love

    02/05/2018 Duration: 03min

    Hello Loviez! Welcome listening to Massage Wellness! Stay tuned every week for tips on Benefits of Massage and talking to various massage therapists around the world!