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Hilarious and thought provoking talk-show to navigate through the wild layers of self help within a spiritually curious society.Drawing upon Danielle Mercurio's own awkward achievements of self-discovery and spiritual awakenings, she gives you permission to explore your life on your terms. She isn't afraid to get real OR talk dirty.With captivating guests and a lust for more, this is the most inviting hot spot for unadulterated advice and empowerment, while weaving comedy, pop culture, and even sexual undertones into the conversation, proving self-help does not have to be cookie cutter.Danielle has a sweet spot for entrepreneurs on the rise and loves to talk biz as well as geek out over what trends are turning her on to provide more tips and strategies to live your most authentically aligned life.


  • Laugh Through It: Courage and Compassion with Foster Rhodes

    19/09/2023 Duration: 58min

    In this latest installment of the podcast, host Danielle Mercurio is joined by special guest Foster Rhodes, an innovative yoga teacher and stand-up comedy improviser. This episode offers listeners a fresh take on the confluence of spirituality and laughter, demonstrating that the path to enlightenment can be infused with joy. Foster Rhodes delves into her personal journey, sharing why she has temporarily stepped away from comedy to concentrate more intensely on mental health and wellness. Through a combination of mindful movement and laughter, she gives people the tools to empower themselves, trust their intuition, and navigate life's challenges with a "fail through it" attitude. Guest Details: Instagram: @fostercomedy Website: Foster's Yoga Journey Facebook: Foster Rhodes Host Details: Danielle Mercurio Website: Instagram: @daniellemercurio Digging the vibes? Hit subscribe and drop a stellar review. Your support fuels our growth!

  • Illuminating AI in the Golden Age

    24/08/2023 Duration: 35min

    In this enlightening episode, Danielle dives into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), sharing her personal journey of discovery, intuition, and creativity. From initial hesitations to embracing AI as a creative ally, Danielle demystifies the fears and misconceptions surrounding this innovative tool. Whether you're a spiritual leader, life coach, or entrepreneur, this episode offers a fresh perspective on how AI can enhance authenticity and transform your business. Ready to explore how AI can elevate your spiritual or wellness business? Sign up for the free "Illuminating AI" Webinar. Click here to enter the Golden Age of possibility. Subscribe to stay connected! IG: @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow

  • Investing in Faith over Fear

    06/07/2023 Duration: 31min

    In this solo episode, embark on a transformative journey exploring the power of investing in faith over fear. Join your host, Danielle, as she uncovers the ways your past traumas may be holding you back and reveals the vital role of connecting to the Universe and God in reclaiming your true self. Danielle shares insights on how you may unknowingly sabotage yourself, not only through the limitations of your ego but also due to the lingering effects of past traumatic experiences. Discover how these moments can dampen or alter your current way of living, preventing you from fully embracing your potential. This episode is not just about identifying the obstacles; it's about finding the way forward. Danielle will guide you on a journey of successful surrender, teaching you how to navigate the in-between spaces where growth and transformation occur. You'll learn how to move from a place of disbelief into the vast realm of possibility, where dreams manifest and miracles happen. Don't miss out on this empowering epis

  • Inside the Astrological Worlds of Bravolebrities [Cosmic Culture]

    07/06/2023 Duration: 01h10min

    In this debut episode of the new segment "Cosmic Culture," we embark on a celestial journey through the captivating world of reality TV and astrology. Join our cosmic guides, Emma and Tasha, hosts of the enlightening podcast "House of Bravo," as we decode the astrological secrets behind your favorite Bravolebrities. Emma, an expert in Astrocartography and Human Design, combines her practical guidance and cosmic insights to help clients tap into their hidden potential and find balance in life. With her love for Bravo and celestial knowledge, Emma brings astrological concepts to life in an easily applicable and accessible way. Tasha, an intuitive astrologer and former Wall Street professional, discovered the true cost her soul was paying and embarked on a purpose-driven life. Through her unique blend of intuition, evolutionary astrology, and metaphysical insight, Tasha empowers her clients to find their individuated agency. With a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Rising, and Sagittarius Moon, Tasha adds her spicy meow takes

  • Manifesting Missteps: Learning from Blunders and Redirecting Your Destiny

    30/05/2023 Duration: 43min

    Refreshing ways to understand WHY the things you really want aren't landing and how to rearrange your requests and energy in a way for things to start to align and drop into your life. Highlights: Becoming a co-creator with the Universe as if you're funding a big budget production of your life Knowing when it's time to stop manifesting something Recognizing how to notice and release the obsacles in your path Never fearing asking for what you truly want, not what you think you should want Finding the strength and courage to keep your manifestations in operation for the long-term. Follow along! IG - #thedaniellemercurioshow

  • Jupiter sliding into Taurus's DMs

    17/05/2023 Duration: 53min

    Jupiter is a planet that is associated with luck, prosperity, and growth. The planet moved into Taurus 5/16/23 and will remain until 5/25/24.  Jupiter is here to show us both the positive and negative aspects of a situation, to help us progress and evolve. It can help us to identify any obstacles in both our personal and collective paths so that we can learn and move forward. Throughout this episode, you’ll learn: Significance of Jupiter's Journey Through the Zodiac How Jupiter in Taurus will effect us collectively and personally The synergy of this pairing What it means to go through a Jupiter return Finding Jupiter in your natal chart Upcoming New Moon Taurus stellium vibes Join The Cosmic Channel Follow along! IG - @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow Try out WooMorePlay

  • Intuition + Personal Power Flow

    08/05/2023 Duration: 39min

    In this solo episode, Danielle shares the ways we might disconnect from our Intuition and how to pull our power back so we can move forward with a life that feels purposeful, meaningful, and decisive. Highlights: How our upbringing minizes our intuitive development Overcoming people pleasing and indecisiveness  The difference verse the soul mind + analytical one Where to access your intuition Finding value in your truth and getting a return Empowerment to trust yourself Follow along! IG - @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow Try out WooMorePlay

  • Minimize Overwhelm + Distractions [guided meditation]

    13/03/2023 Duration: 20min

    Feeling overwhelmed and can't escape the distractions of your everyday life? Take a moment out of your day for this 20 minute guided experience to promote ease, calm, and peace.  You'll feel more connected to yourself and feel grounded as you go back to your tasks at hand. **do not listen while driving** Learn more: Follow along on IG! @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow  

  • Saturn + Pluto's Major Transitions

    03/03/2023 Duration: 37min

      In this star slander feature episode, Danielle unpacks... Breakdown of the Zodiac wheel Saturn's big move under the Full Moon What Pluto's move to Aquarius means How to honor Saturn in your chart What Pluto represents Using the houses to understand planetary placements and meaning Subscribe + add 5 stars if this episode resonated for you! Follow along! IG-@daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow

  • Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

    27/02/2023 Duration: 40min

    In this solo episode, Danielle shares her personal experience with having ADD and her recent awareness around having rejection sensitivity dysphoria. Discover: How it affects someone who is neurodivergent The ways rejection shows up in the mind and body Where it's held Danielle back in relationships How to regulate your nervous system when fearing failure or rejection Recognizing what isn't your fault when bad things happen Ways to be more authentic and truthful with others Subscribe + add 5 stars if this episode resonated with you! Follow along! IG-@daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow  

  • Curating The Rules For Your Life To Truly "Click"

    20/02/2023 Duration: 33min

    In this solo episode, Danielle expands the ways you can show up for yourself without feeling like you’re constantly having to play by the rules or normalize how you want to show up! Learn about: Living outside the box Not trying so hard to be normal Embracing your unconventional side Utilizing your intuition to pave your path Trusting self and your natural gifts to guide you Releasing the information overload mode Subscribe + add 5 stars if this episode resonated for you! Follow along! IG - @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow

  • The 2022 Shift into 2023...

    31/12/2022 Duration: 43min

    In this solo episode, Danielle dives into the past year and shares how to effectively journey into 2023 Learn about: Numberology of 2022 + 2023 Why healing was necessary to change Navigating Mercury Retrograde How to gain momentum in the New Year Learning to accept what was and embrace what lies ahead Subscribe + add 5 stars if this episode resonated for you! Follow along! IG - @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow Get the 2023 Digital Planner + Astrology Workshop here.

  • Shifting your "It's Complicated" Relationship with Money

    30/11/2022 Duration: 52min

    Does Money have power of over you or feel like it's something you're constantly chasing? In this solo episode, Danielle dives into: The true exchange of money How to let money support you Learning how to embrace abundance + resourcefulness How starting with nothing can grow into something Programming + coding your money Subscribe + add 5 stars if this episode resonated for you! Refine your money relationship with these programs: The Citrine Codes Confidence, Clarity + Cash Follow along! IG - @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow

  • Navigating the Nomadic Adventure

    10/11/2022 Duration: 38min

    Ever thought about leaving behind home and hitting the road? After two 9-month nomadic experience, Danielle shares the milestones + remembrance of how it got her to the home she never (yet deep down) always knew she needed... As she shares, you'll learn: Making the decision to go nomadic Where to stay and tips for booking airbnbs + hotels Letting the path lead the way and why not to overplan Staying true to your journey and enjoying the process Looking for clues as to where the journey may be leading you long term How Astrocartography plays a role Subscribe + add 5 stars if this episode resonated for you! Check out the 11/11/22 Workshop here!   Follow along! IG - @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow

  • Cosmic Updates: Eclipses, Retrogrades + the Nodes!

    24/10/2022 Duration: 34min

    The Star Slander is coming in HOT and your host, Danielle Mercurio spills all the cosmic beans on what is happening over the next two weeks. As she shares, you'll expand upon: The upcoming Scorpio/Taurus Eclipses What a conjunction is and why it’s so powerful right now Where Saturn is making moves The Nodal impact Mars Retrograde in Gemini The effect of the US election day on 11/8 Plus how to manage your energy during these times Join the Eclipse Workshop experience here.   Subscribe + add 5 stars if this episode resonated for you!   For continued fun + magic, join our membership, The Cosmic Channel! Follow along! IG - @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow

  • The latest in my Evolution + Stepping into your true self

    21/10/2022 Duration: 33min

    Season Six is vibing high with a solo episode and update from your host, Danielle Mercurio As she shares, you'll learn: How you may be sabotaging your success Claim a consistant growth pattern Find courage to be who you TRULY are Why clarity isn't something you're given To choose yourself over letting the world choose you Subscribe + add 5 stars if this episode resonated for you! For continued fun + magic, join our membership, The Cosmic Channel! Follow along! IG - @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow

  • Everything you Need to Know About Cord Cutting

    16/06/2022 Duration: 50min

    On today’s episode, Danielle is talking about cord cutting and giving you the inside scoop on what it is and how you can use it to clear energy and make space for new experiences and people. Danielle also shares a cord cutting meditation for you to use.   If you’ve been feeling like you need to keep your energy field protected or that you need to clear out some negative energies or past experiences, then this episode is for you.  Throughout this episode you will learn:    Keeping your energy protected Why you might need to clear energies The process of grounding  Energetic networks Spiritual hygiene  How you can clear energies and the practice of cord cutting  Subscribe + add 5 stars if this episode resonated for you!   For continued fun + magic, join our membership, The Cosmic Channel! Follow along! IG - @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow

  • Understanding your Soul Contract

    09/06/2022 Duration: 54min

    This week, Danielle is sharing a workshop she did in The Cosmic Channel Membership about soul contracts.  Learn what a soul contract is, why you have one and how you can learn about your own soul contract. If you’ve ever wanted to explore your soul intention and better understand why you’re here, join Danielle in this episode.  Throughout this episode you will learn:    Your soul before it comes to earth Soul led life vs. ego journey Soul planning and creating your soul contract  How your birth chart influences your soul How people you know are serving a role for you and your soul Cord cutting  Subscribe + add 5 stars if this episode resonated for you!   For continued fun + magic, join our membership, The Cosmic Channel! Follow along! IG - @daniellemercurio #thedaniellemercurioshow

  • Living through your Soul with Nikki Novo

    26/05/2022 Duration: 49min

    On this week’s episode, Danielle is joined by guest Nikki Novo. Nikki Novo is a Cuban-American, best-selling author, spiritual teacher and intuitive healer who guides people to find clarity and purpose in all areas of their lives.   A certified hypnotherapist with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, ThetaHealer(r), and Reiki healer, her work is focused on providing spiritual seekers with practical resources to discover, connect, and awaken their intuition.   When she is not leading the way for people to connect with their heart and souls, Nikki is most likely enjoying the rural life alongside her husband, teen daughter, rambunctious sons, and their farm animals.   In this conversation, Danielle and Nikki talk about life's purpose, finding what abundance really means to you and seeking guidance as you move into a different path.  Throughout this episode you will learn:    Following devine planning when it comes to your business  Following your intuition to move into a different purpo

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