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Rachel Ngom from Shes Making an Impact shares her top Pinterest marketing, content creation, and blogging strategies with you so you can monetize your passion and live out your purpose. Expert interviews and simple strategies on how to use Pinterest marketing in your online business, build your email list, use social media the right way, and create passive income and a massive impact on the world.This podcast will make you feel like youre sitting down with a cup of coffee with your bff, while learning all the best online marketing and blogging strategies at the same time. Youll walk away feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped to make things happen.


  • What 100k Months REALLY Look Like: Episode 364

    12/09/2022 Duration: 09min

    In this episode, I'm sharing what $100k months REALLY look like. I’m taking a look at my books and going over all my different income streams, and what it actually looks like as a business owner to have $100k months!

  • Why My FAILURE Led to BREAKTHROUGH: Episode 363

    05/09/2022 Duration: 10min

    In this episode, I'm talking about why my FAILURE led to BREAKTHROUGH. Failure is a part of success. You can’t have major successes without the failures. So today, I’m talking about my failures, and what my biggest failures were on the road to being a successful entrepreneur!

  • How I'm Prepping to Take a Month Off: Episode 362

    29/08/2022 Duration: 08min

    In this episode I’m sharing how I’m prepping to take a month off… Yep. A MONTH! If you didn’t know, I have something called Slipping Rib Syndrome, which came about after years of playing volleyball. It was misdiagnosed for 16 years and now I finally have a diagnosis, a surgeon, and a surgery scheduled. It’s been a journey, but as I’m prepping to travel to West Virginia for my surgery, I knew I didn’t want to worry about my business. I want to take time to rest and recover properly. While you might not be getting rib surgery in the near future, you might have something coming up that you wanted to take off an extended amount of time for. Family, holidays, vacation, etc. And I’m here to tell you it IS POSSIBLE!   Here are the things I do to prep for that month off.

  • Create a Top Ranked Podcast Today (with Stefanie Gass): Episode 361

    22/08/2022 Duration: 29min

    On this week’s episode, I have on CEO, wife, boy mom, coffee lover, and #pjsallday enthusiast, Stefanie Gass! Stef helps women start a podcast and successful online business, God's way. She is the host of a top .5% globally ranked podcast, The Stefanie Gass Show. Stefanie believes that when we partner with God in life and business we experience true miracles in our lives and the lives of others.

  • Taking Risks and How to Grow Quickly: Episode 360

    15/08/2022 Duration: 10min

    In this episode, I'll share my tips on taking risks and how to grow quickly! Need help? Grab a free coaching call at

  • Talking Sustainable Health Optimization (with Tanessa Shears): Episode 359

    08/08/2022 Duration: 36min

    In this episode, I'm talking all about Sustainable Health Optimization with Tanessa Shears! This is actually an interview I did on her podcast, The Becoming Limitless Podcast. We talk about mastering optimal health and how simple it really can be to run wildly successful businesses as a mom of 2 and stay completely focussed on health. You’ll hear the process we went through and some of the things we focussed on to take my from being a part of the diet culture world and getting mediocre sleep to feeling extremely well rested and focussed. I share how I learned how to eat and workout optimally with my cycle every month and developed a sleep routine that has been a complete game changer to my energy and how clear my brain feels in my business and my life.

  • Use This Personality Quiz to Create Personal Growth (with Marta Spirk): Episode 358

    01/08/2022 Duration: 46min

    Marta is a wife, mom to 5-year-old triplets, a podcaster, empowerment coach and marketing strategist, helping women entrepreneurs to move past perfectionism, impostor syndrome and comparison and into VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY & PROFIT.   She does that with her 5-step process called ENGAGE TO SERVE METHOD™, her podcast The Empowered Woman (over 80K downloads), The Empowered Woman School membership and workshops. It is both her passion and mission to give women the permission to succeed, letting their voices be heard to create the impact they were meant to have as they step into their entrepreneurial potential.

  • Tips to Preventing Burnout: Episode 357

    29/07/2022 Duration: 09min

    In this episode, I'll share my tips on how to preventing burnout! Need help? Grab a free coaching call at

  • How to Create a Powerful Client Experience (with Elizabeth Averyanova): Episode 356

    25/07/2022 Duration: 19min

    On this episode, I have on web designer, brand strategist, and founder of Studio Classica, Elizabeth Averyanova! Elizabeth helps purpose-driven female entrepreneurs, coaches, and service providers scale their businesses with impactful, beautiful branding and design to attract dream clients, elevate their online presence, and book out their offers while creating a lasting impact in the world. Her branding and design studio, Studio Classica, specializes in strategic, all-in-one Kajabi websites, high-converting sales pages, and online coaching program launches! She has helped numerous coaches & women entrepreneurs with 6-figure online coaching program launches, impactful and effective landing page creation, and behind-the-scenes business systems that free up your time from daily tasks - without the design or tech overwhelm. As an American designer living in Europe, Elizabeth co-founded her design and architectural studio with her husband in 2012 and has served 500+ design clients over the 9+ years of being a

  • How to Truly LEAD as a CEO: Episode 355

    22/07/2022 Duration: 17min

    In this episode, I'll share my tips on how to truly LEAD as a CEO! Need help? Grab a free coaching call at

  • How to Turn Your Weird Hobby into a Business (with Shelley Brander): Episode 354

    18/07/2022 Duration: 33min

    In this episode, I have on special guest, Shelley Brander! Shelley is the founder and CEO of Loops Productions, where she is building communities, telling stories through high-end production, and growing empathetic, authentic brands.

  • How to Create Passive Income Without Risky Launches: Episode 353

    15/07/2022 Duration: 08min

    In this video, I'll share How to Create Passive Income Without Risky Launches!

  • Secrets to the 10-Hour Workweek (with Neill Williams) Episode 352

    11/07/2022 Duration: 28min

    Neill is a Master Certified Life and Time Coach through The Life Coach School, host of The Unbusy Your Life podcast ( and creator of the $10K in 10 Hours Mastermind.  Only after ditching her own belief that success was measured by the number of hours worked was Neill about to achieve true lifestyle freedom while juggling her roles as a mom, wife, Master Certified Coach, entrepreneur and employee.  Now, she helps too busy high-achieving online entrepreneurs and side hustlers make the money they desire without sacrificing their time or lifestyle freedom.  

  • How to Do SEO for Beginners (with John Vuong): Episode 350

    04/07/2022 Duration: 27min

    John is a seasoned sales professional and Internet marketer with an exceptional track record helping companies grow their clientele and profits.   John’s entrepreneurial spirit and experience working with more than 5,000 local business owners inspired him to start his own company, Local SEO Search, in 2013. Local SEO Search is a full-service digital agency that serves as a one-stop shop for small and medium-sized businesses emphasizing on the importance of search engines like Google and Yahoo.   Now a proud father, John enjoys coaching and mentoring new entrepreneurs, has donated school supplies to help deserving school children and recently started the Impact Initiative, giving free SEO services to local businesses in need. Local SEO Search also provides free education to small business owners through live events and their podcast, Local SEO Today.

  • Success Habits I Almost Always Follow: Episode 349

    01/07/2022 Duration: 16min

    In this video, I'll share Success habits I almost always follow--the most important habits you can implement today. Get a free strategy session at

  • Hybrid Marketing Method (with Gemma Bonham-Carter): Episode 348

    27/06/2022 Duration: 22min

    On this episode, we have online course strategist and digital marketer, Gemma Bonham-Carter. Gemma has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs and hundreds of students launch and scale their businesses, and coaches clients on how to monetize their ideas using online courses and digital products. Her core business principles include: sharing your story and skills, doing good in the world, building a business that supports your version of a dream life, and making money while you sleep.   When she's not building her latest training or coaching inside of her student communities, you'll find her chasing after her two young kids, traveling, or tackling her next room makeover.

  • How to Overcome Your Impostor Syndrome (On Air Coaching with Mary Donlon): Episode 346

    20/06/2022 Duration: 19min

    Mary is a student of Activate, and On Air Coaching is exclusive to Activate Members. To learn more about Activate and apply, go here:   Connect with Rachel: Blog: Instagram: @shesmakinganimpact Facebook Group:   Connect with Mary: Blog: Podcast: Heal with Mary InstagramL @healwithmary

  • Create Your Financial Roadmap Today (with Jessica Blasingame): Episode 345

    13/06/2022 Duration: 30min

    On this episode we have special guest Jessica Blasingame! Jessica is a CPA, who specializes in financial services for creative entrepreneurs. She leads an all-woman team at Beam Financial Group, which takes a holistic approach in supporting small business owners, helping them to become more competent, connected, and aligned with their business finances.

  • Why You're Not Growing Quickly: Episode 344

    10/06/2022 Duration: 13min

    In today's live I'll share 8 reasons why your business isn't growing quickly and how you can fix that. Need help? Grab a free coaching call at

  • How to Multiply Your Money with Trading (with Jason Sweeting): Episode 343

    06/06/2022 Duration: 41min

    Jason Sweeting, also known as "J the Trader," is not only a bond trader, mentor, and entrepreneur. He has no magic powers. He's a guy that got serious about trading. He worked hard and studied the market for countless thousands of hours. The knowledge that he has shared has helped himself and others gain control of their financial life. His market proficiencies include the 30 year bond market and the S&P500 futures. After working more than the requisite 10,000 hours he finds comfort in knowing that his hard work isn't in vain. Jason has found success in perfecting his craft and sharing what he knows about the market with his students at Jason Sweeting Trading Academy.

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