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  • Promoting the Electronic Industry to Younger Generation

    22/03/2023 Duration: 41min

    IPC continues to develop resources to bring awareness about the electronics industry to the young generation. In this episode, we are very fortunate to have Charlene Gunther, the Senior Director of the IPC Education Foundation. We will talk about IPC’s efforts to involve students in engaging activities that will introduce the electronic industry to them as early as high school. Join us and watch through the end. We added some great resources below so be sure to check them out. Watch this episode here Get Your First Month of Altium Designer® for FREE Episode Highlights: Charlene Gunther introduction and a brief overview of her role as the Senior Director of the IPC Foundation Charlene talks about the IPC three pillars: awareness, engagement, and connections The IPC launched the website www.careersinelectronics.com which aims to attract students and job seekers within the electronics industry The IPC student chapter plays a big role to attract and involving students in skill development training and networking

  • Security on CAN bus with Ken Tindell

    16/03/2023 Duration: 56min

    In this episode, we will learn so much about embedded CAN bus, for automobile security and performance straight from the water host, Ken Tindell the CTO of Canis Labs. A lot of interesting facts about cyber security and automobile hacking that you would not want to miss! Watch through the end and make sure to check the additional resources below. Watch this episode Get Your First Month of Altium Designer® for FREE Show Highlights: Ken Tindell’s background and how he got started with CAN bus and CAN security Ken worked with Motorola on designing the MS CAN—the first CAN controller that did all the buffer scheduling correctly Ethernet and CAN coexist in autonomous vehicles’ architecture, Ken explains how There are two types of major attacks on the CAN bus: attacking the physical wiring and attacking the computer that has access to the wiring. Zac and Ken talk about the mind-blowing advanced techniques of hacking automobiles Story of irony. A friend of Ken in automobile cybersecurity had his car stolen The bigge

  • Achieving Diversified Electronics Supply Chain

    08/03/2023 Duration: 43min

    In this episode, we continue the discussion on diversifying the electronic supply chain. Our guest Case Engelen the CEO of Titoma shares his insight about moving some of the manufacturing to other Southeast Asian countries and South America.  Watch this episode now and check out the show notes and additional resources below. Show Highlights: Case Engelen introduces himself and his company Titoma Offshoring, onshoring, and diversifying supply chain, why do the majority of components manufacturing may stay in China for 5 more years? Building prototypes and optimizing your design following the factory’s specifications Case talks about the importance of component architecture early during the design phase The difference between how US and Chinese market their product and their selling strategies Diversifying manufacturing in Southeast Asia and South America, Taiwan is a little more expensive than China, but Columbia is more competitive when it comes to cost The advanced manufacturing capabilities in China are qui

  • A Lookback to the Evolution of the PCB Industry with Happy Holden

    01/03/2023 Duration: 01h15min

    Happy Holden, a legend in the PCB Industry and one of our favorite Altium Industry Expert contributors gives us a trip to his 53 years of experience in the industry. From a chemical engineer, and PCB manufacturing expert to an educator with his countless contribution to the PCB industry’s wealth of knowledge through his books, column, and keynote presentations. Watch this episode now Show Highlights: Introduction to Happy Holden and an overview of his career in the PCB Industry What drove the PCB manufacturing off-shore? The printed circuit industry has been all over the map, to begin with Happy shares his early years in printed circuit manufacturing Comparing CAD tools from the 80s and the present – computers, calculators, and software Happy talks about photonic circuits back in 1998 and how it is a hundred thousand times more capable than electronic communication and have no signal integrity issue HP’s first notebook computer Happy retired from HP and moved to Taiwan Happy started working at Gentex Michigan

  • Power Testing PCB

    22/02/2023 Duration: 42min

    Functional testing is when you power up an electronic device for the first time and then perform voltage rail checks and programming of processors, and more. And this is exactly what FixturFab offers their customer. In this episode, Zach is talking with the co-founders of FixturFab, Duncan Lowder and Joe Selvik. They will have a chat about automated test fixtures and turnkey systems that aid low to medium electronic production to deliver successful devices. Watch this episode here. Show Highlights: Jow Selvic and Duncan Lowder introduction and engineering backgrounds What is FixturFab’s test fixture? Duncan briefly explains how it works – the mechanical, electrical, and software aspects of it A turnkey test system designs and delivers specific test cases and dives into detail about how a circuit board was designed and gathers reports Bolina an IIOT device deployment engine allows the management of Test Fixtures remotely An ideal customer for FixturFab is anyone who designs or manufactures their hardware, the

  • The Rise of AI Interference

    14/02/2023 Duration: 38min

    In this episode, we are fortunate to have two key personalities at Luxonis, a hardware, firmware, software, AI, and simulation company. Erik Kokalj, director of application engineering at Luxonis, and Bradley Dillon, CEO of Luxonis discuss how and who can benefit from AI technology. Tune in and make sure to check out the show notes and additional resources below. Show Highlights: Introduction to Luxonis and its founding on April 2019 The liDAR and radar as an imaging technology, Erik briefly explains the technology behind it Bradley shares why they decided to open-source some aspects of their platform and design Luxonis’s AI training, AI conversion, and AI deployment onto hardware are all open-source, for their customers can quickly develop their own model and then deploy it on the device itself Future design updates, miniaturization, and thermal management What are some of the industrial applications that are utilizing the Luxonis imaging technology? Beekeeping was unexpected! Robotic applications on robotic

  • The True Benefits of Printed Electronics

    07/02/2023 Duration: 41min

    In this episode, we are very excited to have Jesus Zozaya, CEO of Voltera, and Matt Ewertowski, product manager at Voltera. We will discuss pushing the boundaries in electronics design through printed electronics. Join us and together let’s discover the many benefits of printed electronics from expedited prototyping, proof of concept, and academic research. Show Highlights: Introduction to Jesus Zozaya, CEO of Voltera, and Matt Ewertowski, product manager at Voltera Jesus takes the lead in explaining what Voltera does, and introduced their first product – V-one Matt explains the difference between Printed Electronics and additive manufacturing process Electronics printer pushes the limits and welcomes new possibilities and opportunities for new materials in the electronic design space Voltera designed NOVA (their second product) with users in mind, they created a tool that all electrical engineers can utilize regardless of their skills in material science Can you do stack-ups using printed electronics? Jesus

  • Picotest’s Water-Cooled Probe

    25/01/2023 Duration: 59min

    Having Steve Sandler in this episode is such a treat! He talks about his presentations at the upcoming DesignCon 2023 in Santa Clara. He gives us a deep dive into some very complex engineering topics, including measuring the PDN Flatness and the state space model. Download this episode Show Highlights: Steve Sandler is in the running for Engineering of the Year along with Ken Wyatt Steve is doing a two-and-a-half-hour tutorial on PSMR, PSOR, and PSMR testing at the DesignCon. Molex and Tektronix are both participating in the live demonstration He s also doing a presentation with Heidi Barnes, Bandanin, and Ben Denon A lot of conferences are going virtual. The reach is undeniably great, however, what are the pros and the cons? What is valuable to who? Steve talks about the conception of Picotest in the US Picotest made the very first water-cooled probe which he will be showing at the DesignCon Innovative solutions can take decades from conception to fruition, Steve shares his PdD thesis from 2011 that got hi

  • Accessible Education for PCB Designers

    17/01/2023 Duration: 50min

    One of PCEA’s (Printed Circuit Engineering Association) goals is to provide accessible education, affordable to everyone in the electronics industry. In this episode, we are fortunate to have two passionate educators in the industry, Mike Buetow and Mike Creeden. We will talk about the PCEA’s efforts to use all possible platforms to promote educational programs for design engineers. PCEA, it's an international network of engineers, designers, fabricators, assemblers…anyone who is involved in printed circuit development. And we promote Printed Circuit Engineering as a profession. We're looking at trying to take information, new design concepts, get them down into the manufacturing side, and then also to communicate those manufacturing constraints and make sure that they are communicated back to the design side. -Mike Buetow Watch the episode here Show Highlights: Introduction to PCEA and updates on its acquisition of key assets of UP Media Group Mike Buetow talks about the PCB East conference reboot Who can be

  • Better PCB Buying with Greg Papandrew

    10/01/2023 Duration: 44min

    Expedite your transition from prototype to scale with the help of an experienced PCB broker! In this episode, a returning guest joins us to discuss everything that involves cost-effective PCB manufacturing. Greg Papandrew, a PCB buying and selling expert, gives us a comprehensive understanding of PCB cost drivers and tips on a good supply chain strategy. Watch this episode here Show Highlights: The process of buying and selling, Greg Papandrew is a PCB broker with 30 years of experience in the industry Greg emphasizes the importance of quoting smartly, learning when, where, and how to save money without sacrificing the PCB quality What is a good supply chain strategy? Greg dives deep into his role as a PCB broker, and his involvement in the decision making involving specs, materials, cost, and more Sending too much information can be problematic, and it involves the vulnerability of intellectual property Good communication with the PCB manufacturer and fabricator can go a long way; asking the right questions

  • FPGAs Are Moving Beyond Prototyping

    10/01/2023 Duration: 48min

    If you look at the way people have used FPGAs, they are a miracle product in many ways. -Mark Oliver Our guest Mark Oliver, VP of marketing at Efinix talks about the evolving role of FPGAs in the industry beyond prototyping. Mark will give us a very insightful use of FPGA as an efficient custom silicon solution and will go deep on the importance of RISC-V for processor designs. Watch this episode here Show Highlights: Introduction to Efinix, an FPGA company Mark starts off by addressing the inefficient ways designers use FPGAs and how this has helped them develop a product that can be utilized from prototyping and straight to high-volume manufacturing Efinix FPGAs are cost-effective, low-power, and small-form efficient for custom silicon solution The common FPGAs integration including the SIP (Session Initial Protocol) implementation FPGA market is set to explode because it is going in the same direction as the current industry growth they  are designed as mid-volume production solutions with the potential

  • OnTrack Podcast 2022 Year in Review

    27/12/2022 Duration: 10min

    Join us as we reflect on the best moments and the coolest guests we've had on the OnTrack podcast this year. 2012 has been a whirlwind year for the electronics industry–chip shortages, and a supply chain crunch. Altium has passed several milestones, as well as releasing an education program. And there have been some groundbreaking reports from industry groups highlighting the need for workforce training and development, and workforce shortages coming on the horizon. Watch the episode here Claim the special offer for Podcast listeners only Show Highlights: One of Altium’s Milestone is the Altium Education Program In most of the episodes, the issue of automotive chips shortage comes up coupled with the passing of the PCB Act PCB Packaging, and production of integrated circuit substrates  Most requested repeat guests and new faces Links and Resources: Watch all the OnTrack Podcast Episode Register at Altium Education for Free Connect with Zach on LinkedIn Visit Nexar website Visit Octopart website Claim the sp

  • Chemical Processing in PCB Manufacturing

    13/12/2022 Duration: 38min

    Young blood in the PCB industry, Christopher Bonsell talks about process engineering–the chemical involved in the PCB, etching and encouraging the young generation to the “cool-tech” aspects of PCB design and manufacturing. Watch this episode through the end, and check the show notes and additional below. Watch this episode here Show Highlights: Chris Bonsell published articles on i-Connect007 What kind of services does Chemcut offer related to PCB manufacturing and the role of a process engineer Chris talks about his career journey and how he landed his position in Chemcut Misconception about the circuit board industry, does it belong to tech industry? The grand challenge – the Moorse Law What is the Peri Etch Process? The lack of interest in the chemistry of circuit boards might be what’s blocking the PCB industry from moving to the next level of processing capability The US is 20 years behind in the PCB industry Is fully additive circuit board could be the big game changer in the industry? Workforce shorta

  • The Challenging Role of a Process Engineer

    29/11/2022 Duration: 29min

    Let’s take a glimpse into a life of a young process engineer. In this episode, our guest Paige Fiet talks about her career path in the world of PCB manufacturing. She will also share how she landed her role as the Student Liaison in the IPC. Watch this episode through the end or listen on the go. We hope to inspire young engineers to become more motivated to jump into the PCB industry. Show Highlights: Paige shares her story and her exciting career path before she landed her role as a process engineer at TTM Technologies Zach and Paige exchange college experiences, they talk about the courses and curriculum then and now Paige briefly talks about her experience in getting the role of the IPC Student Liaison She also talks about how interested engineers can become involved in the IPC and encourage them to invest in a membership and attend other industry-related trade shows and conferences Participating in committees can be a rewarding and fun experience Paige had her eyes on TTM from the very beginning. She s

  • Multi-board and Harness Design Capability in Altium Designer 23

    15/11/2022 Duration: 23min

    It’s that time again to have Altium’s VP of Marketing, Lawrence Romine, the bearer of good news when it comes to Altium Designer’s latest features. We will discuss what’s coming in Altium Designer 23 which includes multi-board and harness design capabilities. You don’t want to miss this one. Watch through the end and be sure to check the show notes and additional resources below. Watch this episode here Show Highlights Altium Designer®’s regular and reliable updates are incomparable in the industry, stay on top of the monthly updates through the OnTrack newsletter There are 3 major themes to come in Altium Designer 2023Multi-board systems and harness design – empower PCB designers and electrical engineers to design harnesses Collaboration and teamwork Make Altium Designer a necessity for every PCB designer – the world's greatest and most elegant design experience Code Designer, coming soon – the ability to work natively in Altium Designer and in Mcad tool of choice Multi-board and harness design capability,

  • Materials Science and Manufacturing of Better PCB

    02/11/2022 Duration: 44min

    Materials Science and how this can level up your PCB manufacturability. In this episode, our guest Geoffrey Leeds the product manager at Insulectro talks about how material science can help solve the unique manufacturing challenges fabricators are dealing with HDI designs. Listen through the end and check the additional resources below. Watch this episode here Show Highlights:   Geoffrey Leed’s role as a product manager at Insulectro, a material science distributor What is material science and how does it relates to PCB manufacturing Ultra HDI designs present unique manufacturing challenges to PCB fabricators How are your material choices impacting your design performance? Geoffrey explains why having lower CTE materials could be a double-edged sword Perfect is the enemy of good enough! You must accept some level of tolerance when your product moves into production and goes out into the real world, It can be the material tolerance or the electrical performance The PCB industry has been walking in the packagin

  • JITX, a Way for Hardware Engineers to Write Codes

    26/10/2022 Duration: 45min

    This is a very interesting episode, especially for hardware engineers. Duncan Haldane, the CEO, and co-founder of JITX joins us to share a very interesting approach to PCB design. JITX is a way for hardware engineers to write code to design circuit boards. I know you are excited to hear more! Watch this episode or listen on the go. Be sure to check out the show notes and additional resources below. Watch this episode here Show Highlights: Duncan talks about the Series A funding from Sequoia Capital and the general availability of JITX as an actual product. Duncan's path to engineering started in robotics How can an electrical engineer benefit from JITX? Duncan explained in detail JITX is very well integrated with Altium, it works natively with the existing designs and libraries  Hardware-generated code transforms the job of an engineer a little bit so that they don't have to manually look through all of the different specs for every component that they need JITX is a Nexar partner and uses Octoparts data, in

  • Supply Chain Strategy for PCB Designer

    19/10/2022 Duration: 53min

    Electronic parts shortages coupled with inflation has been affecting the electronic industry globally. Chris Cain our guest for today’s episode is a supply chain consultant and former VP at Keysight working on supply chain and supply chain products. Chris will share with us his 37 years of experience and strategies to overcome electronic part shortages. Watch this episode here Show Higlights: Chris Cain briefly describes what supply management is, and his role as a consultant. Chris explains what it means to tap into the “scale for the larger ecosystem” of electronic providers Find alternatives and make some design adjustments where is possible Look for parts that are very scalable like memory parts and FPGAs Modular approach or designing for modules may also allow designers to have some flexibility If you can't get the parts, you can't ship your working design–having an insight into what’s coming in the supply chain could help designers in their decision making It pays to spend a little time keeping up wit

  • Streamlining Product Development Process for Successful Product Launch

    13/10/2022 Duration: 39min

    Ben Nibali, founder and President of Aptus Design Works, with Connor Richardson, the Electrical Designer, are our guests in this episode. We will discuss how you can plan the cost and lead times to successfully launch your product in the market. Ben and Connor share some excellent advice for designers and companies to streamline their product development process from prototyping to manufacturing.   Show Highlights: Aptus is a design and engineering company, and they’ve been around for about 15 years They handle initial concept development, mechanical development, controls, and mechanical prototyping and help their clients through the launching and manufacturing of their products Expecting and avoiding pitfalls comes with experience; in addition, working with trusted vendors and suppliers is huge when honoring set schedules or timeline The natural state of every project is over budget and behind schedule. Ben Nibali stresses the importance of effort and discipline to have complete control of the process  and

  • Overcoming Technological Challenges in the PCB Industry

    04/10/2022 Duration: 37min

    Matt Kelly is the  Chief Technologist at IPC. In this episode we will discuss all about the technological challenges the industry is facing. Matt will help us understand the “ecosystem” involving the semiconductor industry, advanced packaging, and IC substrates. Watch this episode here OR listen on the go! Check the show notes and additional resources below. Show Highlights: Matt Kelly’s role as the Chief Technologist at IPC The Moore's Law is continuing, but it is economically becoming difficult to maintain, this has become the driving force behind heterogeneous integration  What does the CHIPS Act really mean for manufacturers? Production of semiconductors is an expensive business–one fabrication infrastructure can cost an average of 20 billion dollars Matt stresses the need in the industry to use, and understand the “ecosystem” involving the semiconductor industry, advanced packaging, and IC substrates The US has a 20-year market leader, knowhow gap, weak sub-tier supply, skilled workforce shortage, and l

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