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24 years old. Lets talk about the transition to your profession.


  • Mentality || Insane!!!

    30/01/2018 Duration: 07min

    Hung out with a couple good dudes the other day and saw a mentality I never knew was possible. I need that mentality. It’s something that will get me far in life.

  • Thoughts on The Present w/Ish

    25/01/2018 Duration: 07min

    A good friend of mine I made working at a church, Ish along with his girl Briii and I get down in our thoughts! Check it out

  • More thoughts on “my last day”

    24/01/2018 Duration: 04min

    Day winds down and I get more coherent thoughts… Kind of. Hope you guys take something from this!

  • I have no more job !!!

    23/01/2018 Duration: 04min

    Yesterday was my last day at work, this morning I attempt to decipher my thoughts. I’ll get more detail later

  • 1 more day!!!!

    22/01/2018 Duration: 04min

    I have one more day left of “part time “work. I don’t really know what I’m getting myself into but I know it’s going to be hard. Here are my thoughts about one more day and choosing to leave.

  • Freaked out a little today

    21/01/2018 Duration: 05min

    Just a couple thoughts today while I was thinking about my decision to quit work. Only have two shifts left....

  • 3 shifts left

    19/01/2018 Duration: 04min

    Third to last day at Starbucks. I wonder if this will be my last “part-time” job? Here’s my thoughts on certain person I work with and my last shift with her. She is literally the definition of “down-to-earth.” Hope you enjoy.

  • 1st attempt at filming PRO!!!

    18/01/2018 Duration: 01min

    Check out my thoughts on my first attempt to film real estate! Huge house on a cliff in La Jolla (beach). Learned a lot, made some mistakes, and ready to get good!

  • Said goodbye to epic humans !!

    17/01/2018 Duration: 04min

    So this is the fifth to the last shift at my current work Starbucks. I said bye to some pretty rad people, ate some cake, took pictures, and was present in community. Here are my thoughts on saying bye to community.

  • Uncomfortable fruitful day!!!

    16/01/2018 Duration: 04min

    Love when I get uncomfortable and do something out of the ordinary. Love it even more when it goes well and something awesome comes out of it. Today I met with my first client regarding real estate. Beyond excited to start creating a portfolio!

  • Another semi - fruitful day

    15/01/2018 Duration: 03min

    Didn’t get everything I wanted to get done today. But that’s all right, today I saw that I was on top of things in the bigger picture. I’m ready!

  • Quick insight on relevancy!

    13/01/2018 Duration: 01min

    Right before going on stage at the House of Blues San Diego, singer of Falling Doves, Chris Leyna shares how he stayed relevant

  • Got my business license !

    11/01/2018 Duration: 17min

    Got my business license and dove into some deeper thoughts with a couple coworkers. Fruitful day although it didn’t feel like it. Share if you thought it was RELEVANT or RELATABLE

  • Stay Uncomfortable!! Please !!

    08/01/2018 Duration: 15min

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STAY UNCOMFORTABLE. Today I decided to make another decision to get out of my comfort zone. Because of that, I met one of my favorite filmmakers. It opened up my eyes and I saw things differently. I welcome the unknown.

  • Post interview (you’ve 1 life)

    07/01/2018 Duration: 13min

    Today was a day of reflection and realization of my current state of life. Today I finally get that post interview with local San Diego artist MATHEW PHILLIPS!!Maximize time Ight

  • Borderline 18 hour day

    06/01/2018 Duration: 21min

    So this was a borderline 18 hour day, basically was one. Had a couple good conversations today and was able to get them for you guys. Good luck to hear your thoughts. Please comment share this and like it. This podcast exists because of that. Hope you guys enjoy! 6am going to work(i’m wide-awake) • Thoughts on Higher Education (starbucks coworker) • How much can you get done in half a day? • Power of music ( preshow thoughts at hard rock hotel) • Genuine love for a community • Final words on a 15 hour day

  • A pinnacle decision made!!

    05/01/2018 Duration: 23min

    I think you’ll find my day to be very fruitful. Although nothing really came out of today, I put in my two week notice for my job at Starbucks. Check it out

  • AFTERMATH of internal discord

    04/01/2018 Duration: 17min

    Really shifted mindset today. I started acting as if I don’t have a job. I need to get into that mindset once again! Check it out.

  • The 2 week notice

    03/01/2018 Duration: 12min

    This series of thoughts throughout the day are Interesting. They describe what I am going through as The day winds down to the moment when I put my 2 week notice in at Starbucks. 2 week notice / Vlog beg. • Thoughts as I prepare to quit (part time job) • Quick Thought at James Coffee • On an UP for 2 week notice! • Quick thought(liberation) • A community, lost? • Attempt (2weeks)

  • New Years Day / Purpose

    02/01/2018 Duration: 15min

    Recorded Jan.1st, 2018 This is the first podcast of 2018. It discusses what my purpose is for this channel. Hope this turns out to benefit you and bring you something of value. If you have comments about what I’m down I would love to hear !!! Please share this. Your word of mouth is how I exist! The Beginning (for the early 20 year old) • The new year ! ( business begins now ) • My feeling of quitting (part time job) • Starbucks convo • Current state on quitting part-time job • Rant on “purpose” of my channel

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