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Comics Covered is a comic book and comics culture podcast! The books, the industry, related movies, tv, or other media, we tackle it all. We discuss our weekly haul, news, new releases, and whatever else pops into our fickle and childlike brains. Releases weekly on Sundays, barring any multiversal crises that may arise.


  • 91 - Dragon Baby

    91 - Dragon Baby

    25/11/2019 Duration: 48min

    The Coverers cover Questions, Goopy Evil stuff, and mutant pirates. Just another day in Comics-land. Come on into our office!

  • 90 - No Easy Way to Say This...

    90 - No Easy Way to Say This...

    04/11/2019 Duration: 45min

    Jack and Samantha try find something about an MTV Dramatic show to praise... It's difficult. We also praise some ending series like DCEASED, and some that are just returning like Invisible Kingdom! Tune in! And Welcome!

  • 89 - Hawkgirl Playing the Role of Starlord

    89 - Hawkgirl Playing the Role of Starlord

    23/10/2019 Duration: 01h01min

    It's new, fresh and exciting! After a hiatus, Jack and Samantha go over the big news stories coming out recently as well as the series X-Men, Justice League and Strayed!

  • 88 - The Inferiority Complex of GoldBalls

    88 - The Inferiority Complex of GoldBalls

    23/09/2019 Duration: 50min

    The Summer of Event Series is coming to a close and we are here to discuss big books like the Inferior Five #1. Jack tries to give a full rundown of what went down in the set up to this series from Invasion! by DC in 1989!

  • 87 - Baths with Wolverine and Punisher

    87 - Baths with Wolverine and Punisher

    09/09/2019 Duration: 52min

    After a backlog of a few weeks, Jack and Samantha try to break down the giant that is Marvel Comics 1000 while also talking about some big book from DC this week! Never a dull moment in Comics Covered!

  • 86 - Fantastic Voyage... In Spaaaaace

    86 - Fantastic Voyage... In Spaaaaace

    18/08/2019 Duration: 01h29s

    This week, Jack and Samantha talk more about Jonathan Hickman's X-Men, along with murder and the male anatomy. It's a fun one!

  • 85 - The New Ebola

    85 - The New Ebola

    13/08/2019 Duration: 55min

    This week on Comics Covered we talk about Jonathan Hickman's continuing mind trip of an X-Men Series, TWO different series this week from Donny Cates, and the emotional trials of having make-believe pets.

  • 84 - Will X Gon Give It To Me?

    84 - Will X Gon Give It To Me?

    29/07/2019 Duration: 55min

    We talk about ALL the news that came out this week as well as our weekly books! We Introduce Samantha to X-Men ala Jonathan Hickman! (I'm serious. She has had almost no exposure to any X-Men Characters). Pop in for the Chat!

  • 83 - Comic Con Trademark

    83 - "Comic Con Trademark"

    22/07/2019 Duration: 58min

    After an announcement-filled Comic Con Weekend in San Diego, Samantha and Jack recap some of the projects they are most excited for and talk about a few weekly series that are on their last legs!

  • Episode 82 - Anatomically Incorrect

    Episode 82 - Anatomically Incorrect

    16/07/2019 Duration: 01h01min

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye! After a quick, spoilery review of Spider-Man: Far From Home, we talk about Jeff Lemire's 2 new series at DC Black Label as well as a rundown of our weekly books!

  • 81 - Crisis on Infinite Imprints

    81 - "Crisis on Infinite Imprints"

    23/06/2019 Duration: 01h16min

    On this week's show the guys talk the shuttering of Vertigo, the latest issue of Little Bird, and their Swamp-Thing-related ennui. Plus more of this week's news & books!

  • 80 - Milksop Renaissance

    80 - "Milksop Renaissance"

    16/06/2019 Duration: 02h01min

    This episode's got everything. Everything you need. Square Enix's Avengers game? Got it. Event Leviathan? Got that. Silver Surfer crotch shots? Beats us why but yeah, got that too.

  • 79 - Space Drugs

    79 - "Space Drugs"

    09/06/2019 Duration: 01h38min

    Green Lantern & Green Arrow take on an interstellar drug ring, Swamp Thing on DCU got cancelled, & Doug & Jack get real in the weeds talking about Galactus' big big feet.

  • 78 - Cowboy of the Night

    78 - "Cowboy of the Night"

    02/06/2019 Duration: 01h30min

    Comics Covered RISES this week as we talk Doomsday Clock, the end of Heroes in Crisis, and Tom King co-writing the New Gods movie. Plus more of the news & this week's books!

  • 77 - Dial V for Vero

    77 - "Dial V for Vero"

    28/05/2019 Duration: 01h45min

    We're walking on butter this week (?) as we talk DC's Batman/Catwoman kerfuffle, Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, & the deluge of ads for Event Leviathan. Plus the rest of this week's books & the Doom Patrol finale!

  • 76 - Bat to the Future

    76 - "Bat to the Future"

    19/05/2019 Duration: 01h50min

    This week the guys talk the massive reveals in Little Bird, the massive overhaul that is Hickman's X-Men plan, & how fun it is to refer to those X-books as "HOXPOX". Plus tons more books & news!

  • 75 - Arthur the Destroyer

    75 - "Arthur the Destroyer"

    13/05/2019 Duration: 02h21min

    Marvel forgets how to count to 1,000, Namor attacks the surface world, & Golden Gail gets her groove back. Plus the trailer for HBO's Watchmen & Drax's secret history as... a human man from California?

  • 74 - Swamp Brain

    74 - "Swamp Brain"

    05/05/2019 Duration: 01h31min

    Doug muddles through a hangover to lead Jack through DC’s new zombie event, DCeased, Ghost Rider's new Hulu show, & Free Comic Book Day 2019!

  • 73 - Putt-Putt: The First Avenger

    73 - "Putt-Putt: The First Avenger"

    28/04/2019 Duration: 01h18min

    We talk Eisner noms & the Swamp Thing trailer before wrestling with our thoughts on the latest reveals from Heroes in Crisis on this week’s show.

  • BONUS - Avengers: Endgame

    BONUS - Avengers: Endgame

    27/04/2019 Duration: 01h40min

    On this BONUS show, we recap & share our feelings on Marvel Studios' latest blockbuster, Avengers: Endgame!

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